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Such a beautiful and adorable space… love that the presentation makes such good use of the space having a vertical display! Out in the lunch area, there were faux trunk pieces lining the table, even the handles actually popped up! I suppose it makes sense that since Shooting Brakes were originally designed as hunting cars, it is no surprise that the trunk is beyond spacious - and this is with the back row of seats still up! I have seen a few people on here put hardwood flooring or laminate floor in their trunks, but I felt that few, if any, of them constructed the floor in such a way as to keep access to their spare tire well the same as it was before.
Some tools needed to complete this project are a table saw or skilsaw, air compressor, pneumatic nail gun(for nailing the wood floor into the frame), jigsaw or a dremel(A jigsaw is highly recommended), electric drill, drill bits, hammer, and various drill bits. I am making this a rough DIY guide because I basically made decisions on how I wanted to design the floor as I went along.
Chances are you might get some hairline cracks on a few screws depending on what kind of wood you buy. We made a cadrboard template to take into the store in order to know how much wood to purchase. With your template ready and wood purchased tape your template onto the wood to prevent it from sliding around. Grab some sandpaper, or in my case an electric sander and run it along all the edges to make them soft to the touch. It should be noted that for the Civic you wont be able to use one solid piece as it won fit into the trunk. It wasn't much of a frame so I had to brainstorm how to keep it light but prevent the floor from flexing too much. Another perk that I brought up prior was the ability to store things under the trunk floor. I scuffed up the sides of the plastic trunk liner a bit, so be careful if you wish to keep that looking nice.
While we weren’t sure just how ruggedly you can treat the beautiful cherry wood, there is also a non slip mat (complete with handle hole!) to protect it as well.

Then I cut a piece of the 6 inch wide plank to sit flat across the trunk next to the starting piece.
While those two have teak flooring ~ Mercedes-Benz took it to another level with their CLS Shooting Brake with their American Cherry tree wood with inlaid smoked oak and aluminum rails. I just had my buddy put some pressure on it so I could quickly make a sketch with a sharpie. I tackled the rear interior of my car with a tape measure, a long plank of wood and my phone.
The section of plywood that goes over the seats actually stores underneath the frame (not pictured) of the trunk base. You can barely make it out on the picture above; notice the white marks along the inside of the dark edge.
The 3 horizontal pieces go on the bottom and the 2 vertical pieces go on the outside to make a square. There are very few boys who wouldn't think this was a really, really cool idea.  Why not do the whole room in hardwood and when he has grown out of his sports phase you could sand and refinish the floor to turn the room into something more grown up or a guestroom. What I didn't show was that once it was done I installed a small stainless steel kitchen cabinet knob in the lower left corner to make removal easier. Re did my floors recently in a dark cherry hardwood and prob have enough to remove the carpet and lay it down as a cover.
I measured the shortest distance between two edges and placed the wood plank from the top of the folded down rear seat to the top of the trunk lip. This idea isn't for everybody but if you just HAVE to have a wood floor in your car we'll make it work for you! Placed my phone on the fabric floor of my car, pressed "calibrate" so it registered as level on the inclined drive way then put the phone on the wood plank. It left me with a fairly accurate representation of what I would end up with in the main part of the trunk.
I could have cut it myself but it just would have been a lot of hassle and I would have had to use a friends truck or my dads.

Take a peen on the next page to see all the fun wooden details of the car and press conference as well as a few other cute details (the tweeters are quite a surprise!) on the next page! I decided to build a compartmentalized frame that would also allow me to store things under the raised floor (such as reusable bags because of city governance law). Once I got the wood home I was able to continue onto the second part, the section over the seats. I have been browsing vinyl websites and have come across a vinyl decal of a city and another of a dragon, I think it might be cool to have the city on the trunk part and the dragon swooping down from the seat section.
There are many ways to complete this task, but I had a rough idea in my head as to how I wanted to go about it. I also feel that the city by itself might be too boring and might go with a generic (and gigantic) 2' VW logo in the trunk and nothing across the seats. The piece on the bottom up against the rear seats had to be jigged out at the ends and in the middle to clear the hinge for the rear seats and around the odd angles at the corners of the trunk.
Since the seats tilted upwards I couldn't make a standard box frame like I had for the trunk.
I had to jigsaw both ends of this piece to clear the sides of the trunk just like the first piece. It doesn't have to be perfectly level either as long as the surface of the raised floor is flat from the seats to the edge of the trunk. Once I decide on a decal situation, I am going to think about whether I should leave the decals on or stain the wood then remove them and apply a finish, leaving the scene in a two-toned wood or something. This is because later on I will need to overlap other wood planks to create the frame on the left side of the trunk.

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