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The completed rustic harvest-style dining table built from reclaimed wood planks and gutters. Run planks though the planer, stripping a small amount of wood from each side as you plane.
If planks are slightly cupped or twisted, have them planed at a local millwork shop or borrow a tabletop planer and tackle the job yourself. If no other options exist, sand the tabletop with a wide-belt hand-held sander after planks are joined.

Wood can be dried in a kiln (ask your local lumber mill) or stored inside through the winter. Watch out for and pull nails out of material before loading in a car or truck so reclaimed wood will stack better.
If time does not permit, stack wood in a hot dry place with 1" spacers between layers.
Next, rip boards on a table saw to create straight edges; planks do not have to be identical in width.

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