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The mantel also helps to break up the towering height of the brick.  And once the mantel is decorated, the impact of the brick will be reduced even more.
The construction was quite simple…1” x 8” pieces of lumber, cut to 6 feet long, and then a couple of pieces for the ends. Even without it decorated yet (and with the screen still unpainted), this fireplace has certainly come a long way!
Because I wanted my mantel to look rough hewn, I actually looked for lumber that already had some marks, knots, cracks, etc. I then used 150-grit sandpaper to sand away the edges of the veneer so that it would blend into the other pieces and give the appearance of one solid piece of wood. The finished product is a chunky wood mantel that adds warmth to the room, and breaks up the large expanse of brick.
Rough hewn corbels could be added to give the mantel an even chunkier, more substantial look. If you are tired of your traditional brick fireplace and want a project to bring it some contemporary style, you have come to the right place!
Another mantel design idea for you to consider is illustrated in option 3A below, which illustrates what you can do if you have relatively narrow facing on a wall that goes up to the ceiling. Fireplace mantels are available in a variety of styles and finishes to complement the style of the bricks on your wood-burning fireplace. 3Measure the open portion across the back of the mantel between the inside faces of each side. 6Use the drilled holes in the ledger as guides and drill starter holes at the face of the brick at each location, using the drill and carbide drill bit.

Always wear eye protection and a dust mask when using power tools on brick and other masonry. I think I say this about once a month, and it's about time for me to say it again…I wish you lived near me!!
When you were talking about a mantel, I couldn't really envision it, but I whole-heartedly agree with your choice. I want to do something similar with our fireplace, including some sort of shelving on the left side like you have.
I am about to start this project but I can’t find the wood veneer that THIN anywhere. I’ve been wanting to do this to our mantel and never even thought to add the veneer to the ends.
Typical mantels install on a wooden ledger that supports the underside of the shelf across the back of the mantle. Measure from the surface of the hearth and make a small mark on the brick at the height you want the shelf.
Place the ledger flat and drill holes for anchor bolts at 6-inch intervals along the centerline of the ledger from end to end.
Fit the mantel into place with the underside of the shelf resting on the ledger and the back edge of the shelf against the face of the brick.
Ask a woodworking shop to rip-cut a piece of one-by-six pine at a 45-degree angle along the centerline to make the two parts of the cleat. But I was hoping for a more finished look, and I wanted the mantel to look more like one big chunk of wood.

As a do-it-yourself homeowner, you can save the cost of labor by installing the mantel of choice using the same tools, materials and fasteners as professional installers.
Make sure the lower edge of the mantel will not be less than six inches from the upper edge of the firebox.
Position the ledger flat across the face of the brick and align the upper edge at the reference mark.
Attach the mantel to the ledger with a 2-inch wood screw at each countersink on the shelf from end to end.
Attach one part across the back of the mantel at the underside of the shelf and the other part to the face of the brick. The job starts with bit of planning to ensure that the mantel installs at the desired height and centered over the firebox.
If necessary, ask an assistant to help position the mantel at the face of the brick and mark the location of the shelf. Measure this distance down from the first mark on the brick and make a larger mark as a reference for the upper edge of the wooden ledger.

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