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Slide each arm into its respective "T" fitting, stand your pole with the limbs attached into the base coupler and you are ready to hang your feeders on the hooks. You can try to add the ability to move the feeders around on a regular basis or add more as time goes on so you do not solder every joint. If you have squirrels who like to eat your suet or seed, try spraying the pole with non-stick spray or olive oil.
Important Details: This contest is only available for residents of Ontario and you must come into our store, Wild Birds Unlimited Barrie, to claim your prize. Bird Pole 20" Long Hanger arms are a pair of brackets for hanging plants or bird feeders to a post or wall. Post Bird Feeder Pole includes a ground screw for standard 4 x 4 post, squirrel proof baffle and two bird feeder hanger arms. Post Pole Patio Base for 4 x 4 Post is a good way to mount and install a post on a patio or ground. Post Raccoon Cone Baffle Pole hardware with two 14 inch upturn straight hanger arms with a twist, cone baffle and ground screw.
These 4x4 Post Bird feeder pole baffles make Raccoon and squirrel proof Bird Feeders above them. The wood is used so you do not hit the pipe directly with the hammer which would bend the pipe. You can solder each joint to sturdy the pole if needed but with the limbs being high on the structure, usually, you should not have any issues.
From this point, you simply cut the main pipe at the height you want the first limb and attach a "T" fitting so you have the ability to add another pipe perpendicular to the main pole. The 19" red cedar Wood Frame Bird Bath lets you attract birds in style and its green pan is 2.5" deep. The 18" diameter cone pole squirrel baffle makes the pole squirrel proof when mounted about 4 ft off of the ground.

The bird feeder pole has two 1" diameter main pole sections that are attached to the ground anchor mounting socket for easy assembly.
Stop the squirrels by mounting the pole 8-10 ft away from anything a squirrel can launch a sideways jump from. These instructions will teach you how to construct a beautiful, functional, and adjustable pole on which to hang bird feeders and bird houses.
The starting point is deciding how tall you want the structure so you will know how much pipe is needed. The pole does have some give at each joint and if you want to add a lot of limbs you may find the structure flimsy. You can have your hardware store cut the pipe for you which also makes transport easy and you could drill a hole through the coupler and pipe in the ground and attach the two using a bolt if needed. This will make the pole slippery and make the rodents slip off the pole(if they get on in the first place) Petroleum jelly or Crisco works as well, just be sure that whatever you use it will not be harmful to the squirrels who may lick their feet after trying to climb the pole.
Post Bird Feeder poles have Raccoon baffles below to block Raccoons from climbing up the pole. Post Bird Feeder Pole Kit has all the hardware necessary to make a bird feeder pole using a 4x4 post. Post Raccoon Baffle is a 28" long black cylindrical raccoon baffle used on standard 4x4 posts as protection for bird feeders and bird houses.
Post Raccoon Baffle is a tan cylindrical raccoon baffle with clamp used on standard 4x4 posts as protection for bird feeders hung above it.
The Cedar Wood Seed Suet Fruit Bird Feeder attracts a wide variety of birds by providing them three different kinds of feed in one feeder.
A good idea is to find a way to secure the feeders in such a way that they could spin easily for a different look and could be removed for cleaning and filling.
This contest is not valid with any other discounts or offers (including Daily Savings Club member discounts and Bird Bucks).

Treat your backyard wild birds to the “Woody" and they will thank you with years of enjoyment.
A good size is a pole that is about 8 feet (2.4 m) tall so the feeders hang at between 5 and 7 feet from the ground. His favorite article he’s worked on is How to Watch Star Wars on Command Prompt, but the first edit he ever made was a spelling correction on How to Test for Diabetes in Cats. Post Hanging Plant Pole hardware with two 12 inch upturn angled hanger arms and ground screw. Post Raccoon Cone baffle is a tan wrap around squirrel and raccoon baffle used on standard 4x4 posts to protect Bird feeders and bird houses.
This 12" H x 12" L x 11" W cedar feeder has a large bird seed hopper for sunflower or mixed seed, a suet basket and two spikes for fruit.
The cedar Wood Wren Birdhouse is built with an overhanging sloped roof to protect the Wren’s entry hole. Post Hanging Plant Pole hardware with two 14 inch upturn straight hanger arms with a twist and ground screw.
Bird Feeder S Pole Woody is a squirrel proof 3 hanger arm bird feeder pole with cedar wood bird feeder, bird bath and bird house. Then add another length of pipe into the "T" fitting that will extend the main pole to the height of the second limb and repeat as desired.

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