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When your family studies the early days of our country be sure to take some time to enjoy these Colonial games with your children. Whirligig – This simple toy was made with a button or small piece of wood (these days you could use cardboard) and string.  We have made these on several occasions and I am always surprised how much fun the kids have with these toys!  Your children can decorate the whirligigs with markers or color pencils for a little added fun.
Outdoor Running Games – Children in Colonial Times enjoyed many of the same outdoor running games children still play such as tag, leap frog, hide and seek and Blindman’s Bluff.  These games are wonderful because they don’t require any special equipment, just a group of children and room to run!

For even more learning ideas about Colonial Times, be sure to check out our series Early American History – Activities for Kids where we share a wide variety of ideas to help your family learn about the early days of our country. If the weather was bad, children often played with simple wooden toys like spinning tops and whirligigs, read, and embroidered samplers.

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