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This is the cake I made for my son Elijah’s 6th birthday party, the theme was Pirate aarrrr !! Line and butter the same tin used for the cake, chill the tin in the freezer before pouring in melted chocolate. While the icing is still soft cover the top of the cake with chocolate money and any other lollies that might resemble jewels.
All you need do to next is hand birthday child a big plastic sword and tell them the treasure chest is locked and the key is lost and to go for it. This entry was posted in Cakes, Parties and tagged Cakes, how to, Parties, pirates, smash cake. Fantastic stuff, passing this ontoour Bakery Manager and now going to sell many many smash cakes of all different kinds in the Hattie’s Supa IGA Bakery.
You could make chocolate dummies by spooning a little of the melted chocolate into a patti pan and putting a marshmallow on top before it sets, we aren’t allowed to have a party here without dummies.
If the weather is hot you might need to keep the whole thing in the fridge to get the smash effect.

I was thinking maybe a chocolate fudge cake or similar, we are in Toowoomba Qld, I was thinking of making it the night before and leaving it in the fridge over night, was wondering though if the cake would sweat, because of the chocolate. Hun this is an awesome site and the cake turned out awesome too, my little one loved it and it certainly got the wow effect!!!!!
If you would like a peek at more photo’s and a run down of how the day went click here. There was enough mixture left over from the chocolate cake recipe to make a bunch of mini cupcakes witch always go down well at a kids parties and means you don’t need to stress about altering the quantities of your mixture.
I would advise purchasing some ear plugs prior to the event as the excitement induced squealing reached levels previously unheard when the hidden treasure was found. I have been trawling the web alllll night looking for the best cake for my sons 4th bday on Saturday.
I wouldn’t make anything to light say a sponge because it needs to carry the weight of the lid and all the lollies.
I know one person made one that sat on a party table for a long time then when the kids came to smash it it dented instead.

The chocolate on the top was a little too thick, so was hard to smash but my husband managed to help and the kids went crazy grabbing treasure. We had a treasure hunt birthday and typically after all the rain we?ve had in the UK, we had a really hot day the day I made the cake and it slipped and melted somewhat!! And I know the pirate ship candle is slightly out of proportion to the treasure but what can you do both were requested by the birthday boy. Make sure you add small amounts of melted chocolate at a time, also allow the chocolate to begin to cool before pouring it into your mold, and tune the mold slowing the chocolate to coat the sides. However I passed it off as having being buried at the bottom of the sea for a few hundred years!!!
If you still think the sides are to thin you can paint melted chocolate onto the thin spots with a pasty brush, just make sure that chocolate is fairy cool.

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