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This skin on frame canoe was loosely based on Ojibway bark canoes illustrated in Adney and Chapelle's Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America. The finished boat with seats comes in at 60 pounds, not light but still 10 pounds less than my aluminum canoe from years ago. I had been meaning to make a skin-on-frame canoe for some time, but just hadn't gotten around to it. For shape of the canoe, I looked to Adney and Chapelle for inspiration and found an Ojibway canoe that looked reasonable. Bark canoes have a characteristic form and shape by virtue of their bark skin and method of construction. Scanning the Sea: How I create 3D printable ocean objects using a smartphone and free software.

Earlier this year, I wrote about how the ability to essentially photocopy a three dimensional object in a matter of hours revived my Ocean Optimism and opened up a whole new world of outreach possibilities. Viral-based cancer therapy: T cells (orange) are recruited to attack malignant cells (purple). Last week the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made a decision that received little fanfare, but has huge implications for modern medicine and how we approach cancer treatment in the US.
Also, next time some waves kick up on the bay, I'll have to take the boat out solo and see how it rises to the waves. As any scientist will tell you, this has pros and cons – constructive advice can greatly improve a manuscript and fix flaws, but on the cons side every scientist has stories about the infamous “reviewer #3” who makes every scientist’s life hell at some time or other. The FDA granted their approval for a genetically engineered virus to be used to treat cancer.

We are poised atop the crest of a wave that may change how humans interact with the ocean as profoundly as the invention of the aqualung. My designs, along with the open-source objects used for Oceanography for Everyone, can be found on my YouMagine profile (though Patreon supporters get early access to most prints).
However, there were some captains that you really did not want to be in charge of a single ship, let alone a naval battle group.
But there is generally no class on “how to review manuscripts” despite it being a critical part of an academic’s job, and the reviewer has a huge responsibility: your review could potentially make, or seriously hamper, someone’s career.

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