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I failed to mention in my previous comment that lining the propane tank with fire brick will increase the thermal mass of the stove and help it stay hot longer. Would love to hear from anyone that has built their own - would love to know the best places to look for guidance. Went and requested the cordwood sauna book - and every other 'how to' sauna book - that our large library system had.
I forget how I wired the one light I had inside (25 watt stove light), but it was simple and cheap. When I moved to north AL, my wood fired sauna was the only building ever moved by Boring (according to my 30 year experienced move specialist), my gun safe was peanuts compared to the sauna.
Unfortunately, I lost my sauna when I moved into a neighborhood that didn't allow out building's (GD HOA's). The critical design issue is whether you want the stove to load from the inside or from the outside. They look pretty neat but you have to ask just how much you'd use one especially in a warmer climate. After using an electric sauna for the past sixteen years, I recently purchased a cabin with a wood burning sauna.
As I take my sauna, I relish the pore opening, dirt washing clean feeling I get when I jump in the lake.
Firstly, it was imperative to source a stove that would be extremely efficient and one that would not produce a ton of smoke so I may maintain a stealth Zen like status. Secondly and key, was a stove that was hand built and built to last 20 plus years. In particular, the thickness of the steel and the components used. Call it ignorance, lazy, or strive for an extra buck, but the free standing metal wood hogs and many other wood stoves are not made to burn clean, ie smokeless. January 11, 2014 by Glenn 3 Comments wiring an outdoor sauna for power and in this case speaker volume control.
For the electric stove, do you know if we can install the control panel outdoor (inside the changing room) where it can be -25C (not heated when the sauna is off). I discovered your site and appreciate all the information you have here–I discovered that we have a great sauna stove mfg. I was in a sauna this fall that had a changing room, and you fed the stove from that room. Build your own sauna ebook: easy to follow 9 chapter step by step instructions, photos, building material list, blueprints available now.

Well, I built this sauna and made a hot water heater out of copper pipe and put it in the firebox.
Not just for sauna use, but you can escape from the busy world and hang out in your changing room and read. Christian, not a hard sell, but for $20, you may very well benefit from my sauna building plans. Buy the smallest wood stove you can find Build a wood box around it , ceder has a nice aroma if its available where you are. In those trucks, the body of the wood stove was inside the sauna, but the stove was built into the side of the truck, so it could be loaded from the outside. Essentially, the door and pipe are outside the sauna, the only thing in the sauna is about 2 feet of stove(the rear). I have made a few adjustments to the stove and burning Oak and other hardwood has really increased how fast the sauna heats up and the new window holds heat much better. I am sure you have read the comments and realized before anyone told you that the building should be insulated with reflective insulation in the roof as well. A sauna might not take long to warm up so you might use it more, but the idea of going out and lighting the fire and getting it hot before use takes time and of course planning. We want a large burning chamber (ideally where we can fits 18 inches wood logs) with a large window if this is available. I see one plan you recommend is to have the stove at the rear wall, centered in the sauna.
Print out, then return this completed form by Email, Fax or Mail to receive a quote for a Custom Sauna Kit. Surely cause for celebration, I let the cat out and wrote down this formula, which had been the root of my own sauna builds and every sauna build that I’ve helped out on. I have built a bunch of saunas, two for myself, all using the Kuuma Wood Stove from Tower, MN. If neighbors don’t wander over in their bathrobes with towel and nICE mug in hand, they should have nothing to complain about if you use a well made wood burning sauna stove.
We took our inaugural sauna a couple weeks ago and it brings greater quiet and joy to life. From my experience with backyard saunas, it seems like a good idea to rig up a stove that is loaded from the outside.
The finest was a 2 room log cabin with an imported enamel finished cast iron stove fired from outside the wall under the wide eaves which also sheltered the years wood supply.

There's a 30 gallon barrel that sticks through the wall (you load the wood outside) and it has some rocks on the top.
Sauna construction starts with a framed and insulated room, so remove any existing interior wall paneling, drywall etc.
I – information is the Interweb, the googlator, the build your own sauna book from this website. Looking out a backyard window, I will have to stare awhile at my sauna stove chimney, looking for those Sahara desert type heat waves, to make sure the sauna stove is still going. His wife, Sarah, gave it to us so we could all have memorial Saunas & Samovars, here in middle-of-nowhere spruce woods in PEI.
Over the summer it didn't get used weekly but now that fall is here it is Sauna season!!
I had been looking to do one big enough for the whole family if they came over, but after seeing yours I am going to check the building codes and move forward for my self. I also improved the rock to stove pipe ratio by taking a section of steel wire rack and bending it to create a cylinder. I've also heard warnings about asphyxiation from the stove drawing out the breathable air, but that could easily be an old-wives tale. Our stove is a second hand beauty from good friends (one, Bruce, who passed away in March). The chimney was 3 wall stainless and all built on lakeside waterline elevation - direct access stair into lake water. We did indeed have our inaugural sauna and samovar a couple weeks ago and the depth of quietness and restoration took the joy of life to a new level.
Student Loan debt is a mother sucker and takes up a large portion of my income so $$ was tight so building looked better than buying and of course is much more rewarding. Last but not least if you put cement board or just plane old adobe bricks in the corner behind the stove that will also improve its efficiency.

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