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Building a fence on a slope can be challenging, since the posts and pickets remain plumb regardless of the slope of the ground below it. One advantage of a racked fence is that the length of the posts and pickets remains the same throughout, regardless of the slope.
When building a fence on a slope using preassembled panels, the entire panel is stepped up or down so it remains level.
When building a stepped fence, the posts on the slope need to be longer to accommodate the extra height of the fence panel. Since the panels on a stepped fence are level, there are gaps at the lower end of each panel.
One way to fill the gaps at the bottom of a stepped fence is by constructing raised planters next to the fence. Discuss your plans with any neighbors whose property lies along your proposed fence line to make sure your fence is on your property.
Good to KnowTo build a durable fence that will last for years to come, pay special attention to the materials you use. Shadowbox: This style uses alternating panels across the back and front to give the fence the same look on both sides. When staking out line posts on a slope for a step method installation, you'll need a true horizontal measurement for post placement. When setting posts on a slope, set them so they're taller than you need for the panel so you can cut them to height just before the panels are hung. Since the gate will endure more use and wear than any other part of the fence, use secure gateposts, strong hardware and a well-built and braced frame. Face the gate frame with the same design as the rest of the fence using boards or pickets. Stain provides a durable finish coat, while still allowing the look and texture of the wood to come through.
Waterproofing sealer, or repellent, is the choice for woods, such as spruce, birch, hickory, red oak and poplar, that aren't resistant to decay and exposure to weather. When installing a fence on a hilly area, there are three methods you might utilize to successfully install a fence around your property.

It is not easy to build a fence on a sloped area but when you decide to do so, it’s best to seek the advice and help of a professional fence contractor in Connecticut.
Are you interested in installing a fence on a slope around your home, contact us today for more information.
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How you solve the problem depends on whether you’re building a fence from scratch or using preassembled fence panels. Since you’re building the fence from scratch, it can hug the ground in a close curve without gaps under it. Each post is installed and cut to length individually, depending on the slope at that particular spot. These fences are generally shorter, 4 feet tall or less, and don't completely block the surrounding view. This is an ideal neighborly fence style since a person on the other side will have a pleasant view of it as well.
In this case, the fence gradually steps up the slope so that each bay section is the same length and the rails are level instead of parallel to the slope. Using a trowel, slope the concrete away from the post to prevent water from collecting around it. Preassembled fence panels have a top and bottom support rail between the frame to which the pickets are attached. To build a two-door gate, make frames for each of the doors, and hang them to meet in the middle. Make the width of the gate frame 1 inch less than this measurement and the height of the frame several inches shorter than the overall height of the fence. Your finish coat will be determined by the look you want to achieve as well as the type of wood you use.
Semitransparent stains are best on new wood and give an even appearance and hint of color, allowing the grain to show through.
However, installing a fence can be quite the process, especially when your landscape presents some challenges.

By running the fence following the slope of the ground you, this method  will produces an unleveled fence top; however, there will be no visible gaps between the ground and the bottom of the fence.
By straightening the fence at the top this will produce a more leveled fence at the top, however, gaps will be created at the bottom of the fence and the ground. With step installation, fences are dropped down in areas where there are prominent grade changes or having the fences stepped up in areas where the grade rises. For example, aluminum and PVC fences are rackable, which means that the fence can adapt to the changes of the grade but with limited extent.
Finally, the pickets are individually secured to the rails so each one follows the contour of the slope.
Make provisions for the widths of the fence panels and gates so you won't end up with odd-sized bays that can complicate installation. This allows some flexibility in layout even though you're working with preassembled fence panels. Since this method requires that the fence be constructed to conform to the slope, it can't be accomplished using preassembled fence panels. The frame will be constructed of 2-by-4 lumber positioned on edges like the rails of the fence panels. Wood fence may also work with the methods mentioned above but may need to have the pieces of wood cut piece by piece allowing for exact measurements and customization. If you are situated in a hilly area and need to build a fence around your yard, there are certain methods that should be used to make the installation successful.
One fence material that will not work for this type of project is ready-made panels, due to not being able to customize each individual panel.

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