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Giving thanks for the bread (oven) – with plans for building a wood fired clay oven of your very own.
Both of our ovens closely followed those dimensions used in the construction of the oven constructed for Boily text.
Although potters sometimes use salt to produce a glaze on their pottery, the heat of these bread ovens stays mostly inside the ovens.
Step 4: Build the wood storage levelShow All 7 ItemsI decided to keep the pizza oven at a low level so that one can look into the oven when seated. Traditional Dome Shaped Wood Fired Burning Indoor or Outdoor Bread and Pizza Oven made in the UK from High Quality Refractory Materials. The Vitcas Pompeii is an indoor and outdoor wood fired oven in the traditional dome shape. In the plans which follow the first four or five steps can actually be done now, in winter, well in advance of that burst of construction that comes with spring. I have been doing some research on wood fired ovens for some time and have found that your website as well as reading the Bread Ovens Of Quebec have been the most helpful. In this case it is the customers responsibility to check the appropriate regulations which apply and Vitcas will not accept any liability for the installation of the oven, the design or modification of the flue  or its safe operation.
The Working Principle This oven works on the convection principle: A fire burns in the back of the oven. The purpose of the straw is twofold: it binds and lightens the bricks, making them easier to work with, and more importantly creates a myriad of air passages that allow steam to escape during the firing process. In the end the former is also use to shape the doors for the wood storage bin and oven, using a router. The Forno Bravo forum has 5,000 registered members, and is the largest online brick oven forum. Bill built the Maine oven so the process could be filmed, so in a way I can thank The Three Thousand Mile Garden for that one. If this oven is too large for your needs, you will want to reduce the dimensions by following the ratios arrived at by the research team. Anne, In my bread oven files is an Autumn 1989 issue of Simple Cooking (John Thorne editor) in which a small indoor brick oven from Oven Crafters (Tomales California)was featured.

It is not too late to change your mind under duress if you should rather use your foundation to build an outhouse instead. After the oven has been fired once or twice it is recommended to add extra insulation in the form of ceramic fibre blanket. At the same time, consider the fire hazards and avoid placing the oven next to a combustible structure.
I have a winter place in south west florida where I plan to build an oven however the clay belts are in the panhandle!!! To my eye this armature is the most beautiful part of the oven, and yet it is there to be sacrificed in the first fire. Over two tons of stone, mortar, and clay are impossible to move, and we need to be especially mindful of fire hazards when we use this oven, which places limits on the times we can safely use it. It helps to lay in a course of reinforcing chicken wire over the first few courses above the metal door opening as this area expands under use, the heat causing cracks. Before you even bring the clay to your site, however, you will want to test a small loaf by firing it in a bucket of burning sawdust.
There were several outdoor bread ovens in the neighborhood where he grew up, including one at his grandmother’s place.
It should be close enough to the kitchen to be convenient for watching the fires, transporting the raised loaves into the oven and the baked loaves into the house, as well as loading the oven with all of the subsidiary items to be baked: pies, roasts, root crops and the pans of ripe tomatoes to be put up. Whilst chatting with my number one cocinera y esposo, I became interested in making my own bread oven. Because my pizza oven is built into a slight mound, I created a crude damp-proofing barrier from some left-over packaging plastic and then backfilled with dirt and then trimmed the excess plastic off. If you choose to install the oven indoors or under cover it may then become subject to building regulations and the clean air act.
For good measure I placed a few bolts through the perimeter 2X4’s into the inner void, to be firmly affixed when the cement was poured.
They appear not to mention the use of additional salt in the construction of the oven they documented.(page 47 following). The blanket can be adhered to the outside of the oven with ceramic fibre adhesive, a mesh placed over the blanket and the whole oven is then rendered with Outdoor Oven Cement to make it waterproof.

We learned that by doing this the resulting interior of the oven is both smoother and larger. However, if you extend the 2X4’s a foot to the front of your base you will be able to use these arms as a foundation for a removable apron, useful for staging the loaves after the fire has died down and the coals have been raked.
The second oven, in Maine, incorporated the chicken wire reinforcement and has only two hairline cracks to the left and right of the arch, a result of better distributing the stress of expansion.
I was too young to fully understand how those Italian bread ovens were constructed and Uncle Richard, my mother’s brother could find only one person, Angelo Don Francisco, who recalled how it was done. I remember some twenty or thirty years ago discovering the pleasure of a Catskill bread bakery which then used a true wood fired oven. Not many cooks have a huge wood-burning outdoor oven, but thanks to my loving ( and very handy) husband we have two, one in New York and one in Maine. I placed a single removable plug into first course at the rear of the oven so that I could use this as an auxiliary air intake if needed. Build the first fire in front and then push it to the rear as wood for the second fire is added.
But that one never would have happened if the New York one hadn’t came first, and although Bill did of course build it the ultimate thanks there should probably go to his childhood. Now that all the wood is burned out the clean sweep of the metal door frame provides a perfect template for constructing your door. I plan on using the plans (or some derivative there of) when I build my clay oven with my boys this summer. We did not witness the digging up of the Maine clay so cannot comment on how long it had been out of the ground, but it arrived in a sticky moldable condition.

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