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Find a good place to build your fort, like in your backyard or somewhere in the woods but make sure it is legal before you build it in the woods. You must decide if you are going to build your fort on plains, or just somewhere between trees also try a 3x4 to support the walls and floor.
Plan what you want your fort's purpose to be, like if you wanted your own crib or a hideout.
If your parents don't agree with using their wood or supplies, just find a nice place where you can get some tree branches.
If you want sunshine, find thrown away windows (glass or none) if there is no glass, make a flat piece of wood that you can put over the window frame.

To make your fort more livable and away from predators try making it at least 3 or four feet above the ground.
Don't use interior paint on the OUTSIDE this will chip and fade because it is NOT waterproof! If it's a fort for everybody, and everybody can come in, don't leave any tools or valuable stuff inside.
Digging is most times used, because building in the heights may be difficult and sometimes even dangerous. Any piece will do: use thick beams to build a strong ground floor, use straight, strong pieces to build pillars and use anything like branch to cover your roof.

If you want your fort cool in summer, cut a hole in your wall and put an air conditioner in that hole.

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