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Our original plan was to put upholstery tacks along the seam, but I wanted to try making my own ‘cording’ to see how it would look… and I LOVE it! HOWEVER – your picture tutorial has inspired me to finish the top of a Hope Chest that is in my MBR and needs a seating cushion, and this will fit the bill!!! You’ll want a good two feet of thread the first couple times until you get a feel for how much you need.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this room to come together for the twins’ big-girl room! I’ve been learning so much about power tools and when to use which tool, and how to build things to be structurally stable.
I don’t remember exactly what prompted the fainting couch idea, but when I had the idea, I knew that was IT!

It was such an ambitious endeavor, and there were a couple points where I was pretty worried.

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