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By taking a nut that matches your tap and die, and cutting out an opening on one side the width of the thread chaser, and a notch on the opposite side to act as a hinge point. Apparently Stephen has been greatly missed and I apologize it has taken this long to gain access and answer all the responses to his web page and orders of his books and other goods. Your Delta planing machine today with parts diagrams accessories and preferred cut for most about.
Some I might be able to help and if not will make sure you are refunded any funds sitting in Paypal.
Through Cyber Monday all items in the Full Chisel Store will be for sale.  Order before Monday night at Midnight and I will read the orders first thing Tuesday morning! These are the traditional pigments from the nineteenth century and earlier, zinc oxide is substituted for white lead, as some people won’t allow the sale of lead for some reason.

The simpler woodworking duties will turn out will permit me to take some time concerned in a big-scale. Stephen currently resides at St Joseph’s Villas in Salt Lake City Utah and I have recently gained access to his website and accounts so I can continue to assist him in selling books and answering all of your questions about his work. Enter your email address to subscribe to Stu's Shed and receive notifications of new posts by email. Peruse the Full Chisel Stores various departments including Tools, Ingredients, etc., Spinning Wheel Parts and more! So the following day I conducted the only sanction test for testing the usefullness of liquid hide glue, a bead of glue on paper, cooked in a 150 degree [F] oven for 15 to 20 minutes and allowed to cool.  To my surprise it cracked indicating it was still good. All that was missing was the distaff and the pitman (footman) needed to be replaced.  I designed the new distaff and pitman from turning details on the original, Richard turned the pieces and I assembled the parts.

However the other two machine screws could not be replaced with ordinary carriage bolts, so I had master blacksmith Mark Schramm weld on tabs on both sides of the square top of the carriage bolts.  I had to remove one of the shed spacers in order to remove the old screws and insert the new tabbed carriage bolts. I have received several requests for the dry powdered pigments I use and having mentioned them in my forth coming book, I decided to offer them for sale as a set. I will update the web page and store as I find out what I can and cannot provide to everyone at this time.

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