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In Part 1 of The Quest for an Affordable Dust-Collecting Cyclone, I got one of the facts backwards; luckily Stuart Deutsch (newly-minted PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, congrats Stu!) over at ToolGuyd wrote in to set the record straight. I'd incorrectly stated that "most of the dust (and particularly the fine particles) gets sucked away by the vortex," but in fact it's the reverse. As Deutsch points out,Generally, cyclones are more efficient at separating out larger and heavier debris and particles.

In terms of woodworking, they're better at trapping chips, shavings, and coarse particles, than lighter and finer dust that often continues on to the dust collector or shop vacuum anyways. Plus the higher efficiency gave me better peace of mind that fewer fine particles were being released back into the air of my small indoor workspace."Whether I go DIY or Oneida, plus a Cleanstream filter, I'm now committed to incorporating a dust cyclone into my workstream.

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