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In this post, MAKE contributor Thomas Arey shares how to make a composter from a trash can. Chicken manure can be good for a compost bin because it has a lot of nitrogen which can help heat up your compost.
In a few weeks, we should have our first batch of rich compost to add to our square foot gardens when the cool weather spring vegetables have finished producing and we need to add the summer plantings.
Since you have seven compost bin plans which will guide you on how to them, you have ample opportunity choose the one that suits your household. Here, I repurpose the trash can itself to facilitate recycling organic waste into beneficial compost. If your can has a tight-fitting lid, you can lay it on its side and roll it around on the ground.
But the downside is that the compost won't be usable on vegetables and such due to salmonella transmission concerns.
As a matter of fact I have two of those roll around containers which one of those is used as a composter. And unless you're going to heat treat it use that batch of compost only on ornamentals, not edibles.
My PP (previously purchased) hehe bin didn’t work out as I expected and was left behind when we moved. If you collect all these in a compost tumbler you could use them as compost for your vegetable plots or the garden plants. When you use this make shift compost tumbler you will be able to use compost in two weeks time.

Commercial composting canisters can be costly, but they’re simply a place to allow natural microbial processes to convert waste matter into a dark, fresh-smelling soil.
Thank you for this tip, air holing a trash bend, I am going to try this + will be adding a possible half or complete opening at the bottom to access the compost from the bottom just moving it to collect bet compost from the bottom. We have done a similar composter with a 30 gallon Rubbermaid can, and we buried it a food in the garden so the earth worms could get inside to digest the fruit, vegetable and other kitchen scraps we tossed in. I routinely put guinea pig waste in my compost (along with the newspaper and CareFresh paper bedding that I use in their cage), and I have read that rodent manure can even be put directly into the garden without composting.
Chicken manure is a high quality fertilizer; you can use it in your compost pile since they don't ingest meat but be prepared for the odor!
We now have one of these cans in each side of the cottage in the garden area, so we dont have to haul yard waste all over the yard areas.And yes a lid is very good because it keeps the compost from get soggy when it rains or bake when its 100* here in the summer. This is also a large compost bin tumbler that could accommodate a lot of waste material disposed from the kitchen.
Such a trash can is perfect for this project, since we’re just going to add more holes anyway.
Depending on the type of compost bin you choose you can build a compost bin in a matter of minutes-for little money-and be on your way to reducing the waste you send to the landfill.Here are four examples of DIY compost bins you can build in a day. If you want to know how to make a compost tumbler with minimum expense, one of the best ways to do it is to create one with a 7 gallon plastic bucket of food grade.
The next one will be the best composter for a large family that will have lots of waste as it is going to be made out of a barrel with a capacity of 55 gallons. Further down you'll find detailed directions you can follow to build one of these bins yourself.1.

Trash Can Compost BinTo create this compost bin all you need is a trash can and a power drill.
In this video, Theviolist18 describes how he made his compost bin and uses bungee cords to secure the lid. While this compost bin is made out of a plastic trash can, an aluminum trash can would work just as well. Wood Pallet Compost BinI'm not a big fan of using wood pallets in the garden but Judo Puff‘s wood pallet compost bins are really nice.
He uses two pallets and chicken wire to make these 3x3 compost bins which look pretty easy to build and move around.
He creates a chimney out chicken wire that he then places in the center to provide aeration deep within the compost pile.3. Cinder block Compost BinIn this video, Jonehughes3384 shows off a four bin composting system he built out of cinderblocks over a concrete foundation. Unlike wooden compost bins these will not rot after a couple of years and are a more efficient compost bins than the trash can composters.4. Rolling Compost BinEnvirosponsible's version of the rolling compost bin combines the best of the rotating compost bins with the simplicity of the trash can compost bin posted above. The secure lid allows you to roll the barrel around to turn the decomposing material inside.Instructions for Building a Homemade Compost BinThe California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery provides detailed instructions for building a portable wood and wire composting bin, single compartment wooden bin, wire mesh composter, and rotating barrel composter.

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