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Gun cabinet plans Get you plans here: There are two different styles of gun cabinet, the first is like furniture the second is cabinet. If you're an avid hunter or gun enthusiast, chances are that you own or have thought about owning a gun cabinet.
A quick video of my experiment into creating a hidden compartment for storage in a old nightstand. Home Made Hidden Concealed Trick Cabinet Locks Simple And Cheap To Make Yourself Hidden Gun Storage Ideas - Keep yourself protected and your firearms inconspicuous with these ideas.
This seemingly decorative coat rack hides a hidden compartment for shorter shotguns and rifles. Forget hiding a gun between the mattress and boxspring, just ditch the boxspring for a safe. The guys who make these chests designs all kinds of cool furniture pieces to hide away guns. When I was growing up in the sticks in the 60s, we were proud of our guns and kept them on the wall on gun racks.

Filling a bookcase hiding guns with books about guns kind of advertises that you have guns.
Book safes are an age old way to stash one's treasures-the key to a safe, a private document, a flask, a gun.
From the outside it appears to be a linen closet with adjustable shelves and typical amenity and function. This 1,300-pound, 10 gauge strongbox will keep anything you want safe, including your guns.
Since most of our time spent in our homes is in the living room you know your guns are close by, right there in front of you.
The best part is if you have some woodworking skill, you can pick the plans up online and make this yourself. I also think having items in your home advertising your interest in guns without having a safe would make thieves look harder. I put a gun in my son’s hand every day since he was 5, until he finally protested about how annoying it was to shoot every day.

Once you have assembled and properly hinged your door, book shelf, etc, so that it fits properly over the opening. Fort Knox has a solution for that; the concealed shelving offers all the security and quality of a gun safe - disguised as a shelf placed above your fireplace, or anywhere else in your house.
Others take hiding their guns to a whole other level by having custom-hidden gun cabinets created. With most these setups, you would never look twice at them.
No curiosity, knew full well I’d be more than happy, to his chagrin, to put the gun in his hand, no need to sneak around.

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