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The idea that inspired me to design and build this table was to create a coffee table that has a hidden compartment in it so you can keep your firearms and self defense weapons nearby while at the same time keeping them hidden from thieves, while i agree its a good idea to keep a shotgun or other firearm nearby i believe it to be foolish to keep a shotgun in the closet or under the mattress because thieves and punks could gain access to it more easily. This table is very heavy and locks shut with a built in lock, i used heavy duty front door hinges to secure it. This box has an inlaid wood exterior with a custom mermaid design, padded satin lining, and secret compartment in the bottom that is held closed magnetically and only. Secret Compartment Coffee Tables – Scott Dworkin is a skilled furniture designer that works with metal, glass and wood.
Hugger-mugger Locks and Compartments carpentry Magic Tricks away requisite or aspiration the woodworker begins designing their own plans.
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For teenagers and fogeys with no woodworking generated, plans for furniture with hidden compartments it is time to make a 3 tough sketches. The hand-crafted custom bookcase requires you pull open each of the visible drawers, before a hidden control springs out and allows you to trigger the secret compartment built into what looks like a normal molding. To make things more complex, each of the drawers must be pulled out to a certain point before the latches they control slide out of the way, similar to how the pins in a regular lock work.  That finally allows a length of wooden dowel to slide out – hidden, normally, as a knot in the wood itself – and when you twist it and then push it back in, a cable tracked around the back of the cabinet allows the hidden drawer to spring out. What are the measurements for the bottom part of the drawer and if you could please make the measurements of the mechanism or plans for it at least that would be great. Just to summarize, I think you have outdone yourself and am sure even the master “Leonardo da Vinci” would want to purchase two, one to take apart and re-work, the other to hide his plans in. Single similar this design because when not in use the table sits compactly out of the Secret Compartments and gaminess Box Drawers from our August 2011 popular woodwork amp while rearward when single. I am a student at Graham High School and I would like to know how you built this so I could make a coffee table that has this hidden compartment.

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