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Garage Storage and Organization Ideas If your garage has room for everything except a car, don’t worry. Before You Start:When it comes to building a large-scale project with a modular design, such as this garage storage unit, there are a few tricks of the woodworking trade worth knowing and using.
At this point you can also cut the shelves (K) and their trim pieces (L); secure the trim to the front edge of each shelf with glue and finishing nails. As for the installation, any large vertical assembly such as this garage organizer involves the tendency to be a little top-heavy, especially when the storage bays are filled.
The base unit is stable enough to simply rest on the floor and be positioned against the wall, but if your garage floor is uneven you may have to slip shims  under one or more feet to get things level and to keep it from rocking.

As noted earlier, the uprights (O) for this assembly have dadoes routed to receive fixed shelves (P). Next are the shelves (P); start with the two in the end bays and secure them from both sides with glue and screws through the dado joints. Note that the shelves feature trim pieces (L, U, V) that need to be ripped to narrower widths as well as cut to length. Then fit the upper and lower rails (I) and attach them the same way, and finally, attach the remaining stiles (J).
Note that some items like the undercabinet shelf (above) can be purchased ready-to-use at Lowe's and simply attached to the upper storage unit.

We spaced our holes at 4 inches and 36 inches up from the bottom panel (A); the upper rod should fit easily by spreading the uprights apart slightly by hand, but you will have to use a hammer and a wood block to coax the lower dowel into place, as the uprights won't flex as much that close to their lower ends.
Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted. The same goes for the back panel of the lower unit.) Clamp or screw temporary stop blocks to the back edge of the upright with the splice cleats on it, so the first panel (F) aligns on the joint between the cleats and divider.

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