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We've collected images from all over the internet and gathered them here in our PVC Projects and Ideas page. Many of the images show regular plumbing-grade PVC fittings and pipe being used, but FORMUFIT PVC fittings can reduce the number of fittings in most of these project by half.
Create an elegant PVC Patio Awning from 3-Way PVC fittings and Pipe, draped with sheer material.
Give your daughter or neice the bed she's always dreamed of with this simple canopy, built with a PVC frame. An ingenious, and customized use of a simple PVC kiosk, which can be built easily and covered with fabric.

Be the envy of the neighbors when you project your movies outdoors on this humoungous PVC-framed screen. Create unique 'light cubes' with PVC, Spandex and LED lights to make a neat backdrop for a party or stage show. Use this PVC Clothes rack for garage sales, non-profit functions, or for basement clothing storage. If you have an idea, photo or any PVC pipe projects in mind that you've seen, or would like to share, feel free to let us know about it. Many of the items on this page come from various sources, but all offer a fantastic inspiration that you can use to build DIY PVC projects with FORMUFIT PVC pipe, fittings, connectors and accessories.

Take a look, Pin them on Pintrest, then browse our PVC Project Plans Library for more inspirational ideas.

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