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Woods like cherry, pine and birch can become blotchy and unattractive when stained, unless you use a sealer before staining. If you need Floorboard Finishing, we will guide you through the numerous Finishes and techniques available to us. After sanding your wood floor (a process that is explained more in detail in our wood floor sanding and wood floor restoration) we will then go on to the process of floorboard finishing. One finishing step that I never acknowleged but will now was the application of finishing wax.

Using both a putty knife and a rag, he scraped the finishing wax onto the surface (and into the beveled creased between tabletop boards) and then massaged over the wood with the rag to distribute the wax and clear excess, finishing by wiping along the grain. They looked really great at the wedding, surrounded by the winning chairs and covered with DIY pine garland, simple white candles, and assorted decor. We chose Minwax paste finishing wax over a common polyurethane because we wanted to leave the wood as natural as it could be, and polyurethane can sometimes leave furniture feeling a bit tacky, or glossed over, unlike the wax which just made it feel like sealed and satin-like to the touch.
That floorboard can range from Pine, to Oak, Miranti to Mirabeau and a wide variety of other woods.

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