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Welcome to Fine Woodworking's Readers Gallery, an online photo community where woodworkers like you can share photos of all your woodworking projects.
Fine Woodworking is a bimonthly magazine for all those who strive for and appreciate excellence in woodworking, veteran professionals and weekend hobbyists alike. We're always looking for articles on almost all aspects of woodworking, from the basics of tool use, to stock preparation and joinery, to specialized techniques to finishing. What makes Fine Woodworking special is that most of our articles are written by people who actually do the work they write about.
As author, you retain all other rights, including the right to publish the text elsewhere 90 days after it has appeared in Fine Woodworking.

We are a reader-written magazine, relying on skilled woodworkers to share their practical experience and knowledge. If you have any further questions, feel free to call us toll free at 1-800-926-8776 and ask for the Fine Woodworking editorial department.
Be sure to address all submissions to the appropriate department, in care of Fine Woodworking. Our readers prefer how-to articles to profiles of individual woodworkers and their body of work. Methods of Work submissions, which include Quick Tips, don't require a proposal first; just send us your idea about an innovative jig, shop device, tool design, or mode of operation, including rough sketches and photos.

Subjects may include reports on woodworking-related current events, trade shows, gallery shows, woodworking seminars, school programs, personal profiles, or humorous essays.

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