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Lisa grew up just a few short miles from the Fine Woodworking offices, and often helped her father around his shop. An avid woodworker and metalworker, Anatole joined the Fine Woodworking editorial staff in 1998. Tom was introduced to woodworking when he enrolled in a basics class during his freshman year in high school on Long Island. Matt taught philosophy before he started working as an associate editor at Fine Woodworking. In the 1980s he taught woodworking at a school for refugees in Philadelphia and later spent several years in Malaysia writing, working in a refugee camp, and making furniture in a Malay shop. Steve came to the magazine from The Dallas Morning News in 2004, after it became clear to him that the newspaper had no plans to provide any regular woodworking coverage. Liz Healy came to Fine Woodworking from the newspaper world, where she spent most of her career editing stories about crime, schools, local government, and other community news, often working the midnight shift. For a woodworker who's had the parts for up to three disassembled barns stacked on his property at any one time, it's no surprise that John enjoys building with reclaimed lumber, wide boards, and oversize timbers. As administrative assistant, Betsy is often the first person that customers meet when they contact Fine Woodworking.
Bill Peck keeps the shop running and available for tool tests, contributing editor use, and lots of projects by FWW editorial staff. Many of you may recognize the Man with the Stache as "Ron Swanson," of NBC's Parks & Recreation. A few months ago, when Fine Woodworking published Offerman's article on How to Level Big Slabs in No Time Flat, the editorial staff chose to run the cover article just as it would any other piece of FWW content: here's a woodworker doing what they do best. They’re the real stars of Fine Woodworking, especially our contributing editors Christian Becksvoort, Garrett Hack, Roland Johnson, Steve Latta, and Michael Fortune.
This network helps us with everything from high-level editorial planning to nitty-gritty content production. Since 2009, Lisa’s been heavily involved with Fine Woodworking content making sure that every article from the magazine gets published online.

Anatole recently starred in a video workshop on building an entertainment center but is heavily involved with decision-making for the site, helping with projects large and small. Mike starred in his first ever video workshop on building a hayrake table and we think he’s a natural.
However, 10 years at Fine Woodworking has resulted in many non-financial benefits including working with some of the most skilled woodworkers in the country, and in turn being inspired to make a house full of furniture.
He was introduced to woodworking in early high school and often split his free time between the shop and art room.
John starred in his first video workshop last summer and lately has been writing popular blog posts about his quirky shop projects. After retiring from engineering management in the defense industry, he took up woodworking as a hobby and then discovered his dream job when FWW needed a shop manager.
We have so many people who assist with our site, including technical development staff, marketing staff who pitch in on all variety of tasks, customer support, ad sales staff, and more. Check in every weekday for news, information, projects, and answers to questions from Fine Woodworking readers everywhere. Accepting her first job out of college at The Taunton Press, Lisa was reintroduced to the art of woodworking.
He stars in the bulk of our Fast Fix videos, manages the Tool Addicts blog, and was featured in our video series on building a footstool. He’s a regular blogger, starred in three video workshops (on box making, a garden bench, and a workbench) and is in charge of the Hand Work blog. Kelly recently starred in a video about wood turning, but his biggest impact on the site is behind the scenes helping web producers in the shop to beef up their woodworking know-how. While pursuing a fine arts degree in graphic design in college, he missed the woodworking program by one year before it was terminated in the curriculum. When not laying out the pages of Fine Woodworking as the magazine's associate art director, John enjoys painting, bronze sculpture, and raising his own chickens in a backyard coop. Not long after he joined the staff, he agreed to take a woodworking class to build a workbench and blogged all about it.

Never one for the big city, Ed returned to Connecticut in 2009 to become a web producer at The Taunton Press, where he has been able to combine his interest in media with his love for woodworking. Surrounded by inspiring craftsmen, she tried her hand once again at woodworking by building a pair of wine racks. Steve’s favorite song about a woodworking project is Kaw-Liga (the Hank Williams version).
He caught the woodworking bug when he started taking woodworking classes and building a shop in his garage.
The advertisement for her current position said that woodworking experience was a plus and her woodworking husband convinced her that his experience would count. His journalism career began at a small newspaper, about the time he picked up his addiction to woodworking. His real education on furniture design and building started when he landed at the magazine in 2001. She’s been supporting the staff ever since and is learning something new on a regular basis. Within a few months of completing her first project, Lisa became the newest web producer at Fine Woodworking.
And that led eventually to Fine Woodworking, where he began as an associate editor in 2000.
He landed at Fine Woodworking in 1998, working behind the scenes as the magazine's senior copy editor, a job that allowed him to re-engage his woodworking hobby in earnest. In 2004, he came out from behind the curtain, taking a job as associate editor, which allows him to escape from the desk and travel the country, taking photos, meeting people, and learning more about woodworking.

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