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Animal Planet makes a star out of treehouse builder Pete Nelson and his six-figure arboreal fantasies come true.
The first thing that comes to mind when you hear treehouse is probably a haphazardly nailed lean-to perched in an oak tree, filled with scrappy 8-year-old boys with bb guns. Extreme TreehousesThere's no better proof of our primate heritage: Man sees tree, man climbs tree, man uses opposable thumbs to build clubhouse in tree.
Building vitamin A treehouse takes careful planning and construction but your heavily work out leave such as a ladder which easily allows vitamin A person to enter the treehouse. Physique a tree house for the kids with these unblock tree house plans easy treehouse plans. The 46-year-old publisher and author merely wanted a good place to take a nap and recapture a part of his youth.
With his wife Judy, he runs Treehouse Point, a collection of amazing lodges high in the trees, where people can stay, or hold weddings and concerts.
His treehouse is held aloft by a well-engineered suspension system that imparts nary a scratch to the pine's bark. Hoisting such heavy timbers into a tree is more than a one-man job, and Lewis was able to enlist plenty of volunteers.
In all, Lewis figures he spent $6000."Nobody needs a treehouse, so it's truly pointless in a way," says Lewis. Magazines and books for woodworkers designing your individual storage shed plans will the Brother Worldwide. Modifications to this coverage Extreme Tree House Plans the venture come to life with just a little observe, your youngsters can perform. Filled with stunning clerestory windows, gorgeous mossy roofs, stained glass, and fine wood detailing, the creations that appear on Treehouse Masters will make you forget any images you have of shacks filled with grubby kids.

Sophisticated engineering meets organic design with curved railings and other details made from naturally bent tree limbs.
From a 800 square foot 'retreat' in Waco, Texas, complete with full bathroom and giant flatscreen TV, to the 'Spirit House Retreat in Rhinebeck, New York, built with guidance from a shaman, Mr Nelson is a master of making dreams come true.His work is being featured in an eight-part series on Animal Planet, which started last week.
Treehouses bring together families, friends and even entire communities,' Mr Nelson told USA Today. Highly detailed construction plans to help you bod your own treehouse easy treehouse plans.
At friction points, the cables run through PVC pipe to protect the tree.Off the steel suspension collar Lewis laid a hexagon-shaped platform formed by trusses held tight by an interior and perimeter rim joist.
Since starting his Washington state business, Nelson Treehouse, the designer has constructed hundreds of hideaways in 26 states and nine countries.
In a brisk 45 minutes, you see an entire structure erected, as well as some preexisting treehouses getting refurbished by Nelson and his crew.
His portfolio includes luxury homes perched on branches, a tiny red 'brew house with peacock window and brewery inside, and a round treehouse made out of cork tiles, that has a grass roof and fireplace in the center. It was that gone,' Mr Neson told the New York Times.An integral part of Mr Nelson's business is selecting the perfect tree or trees for his buildings. His fascination with treehouses began when he was five-years-old and his father helped him build one. Now a father himself, Mr Nelson is helped in his business by his 21-year-old carpenter son Charlie, and 23-year-old daughter Emily.Although treehouses are considered a den for children, Mr Nelson admits many of his customers are adults who are looking for a retreat from the world. Nelson himself bounces around with excitement and energy when he starts imagining a customized treehouse to fit in a particular space.
Websites such as Craigslist can be a great source of materials for a treehouse and, with a little help from the whole family, it shouldn't take long to create a retreat.

I thought, 'I need to do that again.' I put my book down, and went poking around in the woods in the middle of the night until I found the perfect tree. Whereas Mr Nelson's first treehouse that he built with his father was a simple affair, his designs today are spectacular.
When money is no object, there are at least three firms nationwide specializing in treehouses that will design and build customized perches ranging from a basic $10,000 kid's model on up to a $500,000 deluxe, home-quality treehouse--some furnished with electric wiring and even bathtubs. It's the sort of energy that makes the hairs stand up on your neck a little bit.'While Mr Nelson may be in an expert in picking the right tree to build around, his company must also negotiate planning regulations. The most expensive treehouse Mr Nelson built was in Yelm, Washington, for more than $365,000. But once you're up in the canopy, it's a whole other world," says Bill Compher, 55, who recently finished his second high-flying treehouse on a 5-acre lot tucked within Washington state's Gifford Pinchot National Forest. From that point on, there was no stopping."A plan for a simple one-story shed soon morphed into something bigger and more elaborate. While Mr Nelson's design cost anywhere between $80,000 and $200,000 to create, his passion for treehouses is such that he encourages like-minded people to create their own.
The solution: a spiral staircase consisting of 84 steel-bracketed treads on an adjacent tree, connected to the observatory by a suspension bridge. The 50-year-old from Seattle, sometimes known as the 'tree whisperer' is now branching out with his own reality TV show, Treehouse Masters, on Animal Planet.'Treehouses are directly connected with nature,' Mr Nelson said.

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