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I dont want to give up my spinning due to physical limitations and would greatly appreciate any help or guidance you could give me.
I know there are electric spinning wheels on the market, but I dont have 600 bucks to spend on one. So far I have collected the sewing machine motor and a wooden box to place it in, and sourced where to get the belts etc. The person who gives what I judge to be the most help contribution related to the Camera Axe motor sensor will win two motor sensors with motors from the Camera Axe store when they are released, or $100 credit to buy whatever you want on the store. Being an electric wheel, one of the most confusing bits for some people might be the electronic components, which is basically a controller for the motor and some input dials. I am now dealing with disabilities and find that using foot power for my spinning wheel is more difficult.

I just did a search on 'electric spinning wheel' and found a number of machines for less than $300.
Some where on the front was a switch to reverse the motor to back what you were sewing out. It operates much like a regular saxony spinning wheel, with a belt driven flyer and a scotch tension system to slow down the bobbin, except that rather than treadling it with your feet to provide the power, you simply set the dial on the front to the speed you like. The Electric Eel Wheel is a clever electric spinning wheel making it great for easily spinning the fiber of your choice into yarn!
For example, the Electric Eel Wheel is lighter and smaller than most spinning wheels making it easier to take your spinning with you.
For example, the Ashford e-spinner is around US$900, and the Roberta Electronic is around US$1,2000.

This electric spinning wheel's design is based on a Scotch tension design, so it is easy to vary the spin and weight of your yarn. You can even sell your own kits if you like, or sell the wheel commercially, as long as you attribute Maurice as the original designer. Maurice has provided full schematics for his electronics case, so you can replicate it yourself if you don’t want to use his.
You can use a traditional wheel; however, there are many advantages of this electric wheel design.

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