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In case you use wooden beads for most of your project, you will be happy to know how you can make the beads on your own.
Some beads will develop natural lines and squiggles reflecting the texture of the wood or where water went into the bead more deeply, etc. Although the dye dries into the beads, there may be a risk of it running if the wearer gets wet or is very sweaty etc.
When the folks at Rit Dye contacted me to come up with a project using their new Pearl Grey dye, I knew I wanted to make a pearl necklace! The challenge I had to overcome was that dyed wood takes on a very flat look, and pearls are not.
Best recommendation for fine woodworking tools using our Learning understand that you need to take. You can use the twigs which are found in the yard.   It is possible to make the beads in the size that you like and you can color them, varnish them or paint them so that they can be in the color you like. However, often the plain colour isn't quite the look you're after and in this case, you can dye the wooden beads to achieve the colour that will be perfect for the item you're making. This can be prevented by spraying a varnish finish over the beads but this will also change the "natural" nature of the beads.

Put the hot (almost boiling) water in the small containers, and add a little of the Rit Pearl Grey dye. If you want to make the beads from the woods, you have to start by gathering the twigs in the diameter you want your beads to be. This is why they choose to die the wooden beads so that they may achieve the perfect color that they are looking out for. If you don't like the look though, simply select the beads with smoother, more even finish for the project and keep the more marked beads aside for another interesting project later.
Once the beads are your desired color, rinse them until the water runs clear, then lay them on a towel to dry overnight.
You have to remove the bark, for some types of the wood can be done easily while for others, it can be hard and you may need using a pen knife. Paint on three coats of the dyed wax, allowing it to dry for a few minutes between each coat. You can change the level of the colors when you half or you double the amount of the dye you are using.
Once the beads are buffed, start stringing them onto the ribbon, tying an overhand knot between each bead.

I tucked the tail into the hole of the last bead using the pointy end of a skewer, then cut off the excess. I love the look of dark pearls, and an homage to real pearls made out of dyed wooden beads would perfect. If you are using a dried wood, you can dye them directly but if the twig where not dry, you should dry them first before you dye them. They have a luster that comes from inside the pearl itself – and I found a way to replicate that look with wood!
The beads will have a stripe through the middle, as a result of the grain of the wood absorbing the dye. While using the strainer, lift the dye from the bowl while making sure that you drained the extra dye.
You should put the wooden beads on paper towel so that it may dry and you should leave it overnight before you can use it.

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