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Over the past 29 years, the Keller dovetail jigs have been used to create wonderful woodworking projects. This puzzle is called the impossible dovetail joint puzzle, and it belongs to the impossible object puzzles. When accurately made, this impossible object puzzle presents the outward appearance of being two through dovetail joints crossing each other on the inside. This gallery represents a small sampling of these woodworking projects, both custom & production.

Impossible dovetail joint puzzle is a rectangular block, composed of two different pieces, which are so fitted together that each side of the lower part appears to be dovetailed into the corresponding side of the upper part. All woodworking and metalworking plans are under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. If you have work made with the Keller dovetail jigs you would like to submit to the gallery, contact Keller & Co. To make such an interesting puzzle, it is enough to own a hand saw, coping saw and chisel - the dovetail joints of this puzzle are made on the same way as the real dovetail joints.

As you see on the pictures, solution of the dovetail joint puzzle is very simple because it is a simple two tail dovetail joint, extending cornerways through the faces, instead of square with the faces. The dovetail joint puzzle is a type of the puzzle that people notice right away, and we are sure that you will have plenty of fun with your friends and family, watching them while they think about how it was made.

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