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I am not sure what exactly kind of metal brackets you mean -- but you would need ones *expressly designed* for constructing an A-frame swingset. The thing is, in order to make a strong stable swingset you need some rather exact and complex multiple angles where the legs meet each other and the top beam.
If you were wanting to build the whole thing out of wood, there are various different designs (plans available in better-stocked hardware stores, in books in your local library, in books through interlibrary loan, and presumably on the internet tho I cannot recommend any in particular). Whether to make the top beam a 4x4, 4x6, or doubled (or tripled) 2x lumber depends on what forces you're expecting the swingset to withstand, how long the unsupported part of the beam, and what kind of hardware you are intending to use for hanging the swings from.

Homemade wooden forts and swingsets, although designed with the best of intentions, are made with entrapment areas, exposed bolts, inferior hardware, or are just plain under engineered. All designs begin as a base wooden fort with instructions that show step by step, how to add 2, 3, or 4 swing positions.
It *can* be done with wood, but unless you are using quite large wood and serious wood joinery, honestly your best bet is to chase the pennies out of the sofa cushions and buy the specially-designed metal brackets. The wood aged a lot in the last couple of years and the chain has rusted out which stained the rope.

All of our wooden swingset and wood fort designs meet or exceed all safety standards set forth by the American Society for Testing and Materials and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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