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23.02.2014, admin  
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The main thing on my to do list for this party was some outdoor benches for my outdoor table. Note: I found that it was much easier to wood glue the pieces into place first, wait to dry, and then secure with a screw rather than wood gluing and securing with a screw right after.
Here it is with some soft cushies for the tooshies :) I'm going to make some outdoor pillows for these soon. Now that summer is halfway over, maybe we'll actually use our patio now and the farmhouse table :) Now to string up some lights, get the fire going, and grab the s'more makings.

I placed a line of wood glue along with bottom supports and then started placing the slats.
Also using a countersink drill bit when pre-drilling will allow the top of the screw (once drilled in) to be covered nicely with some wood filler. We haven't had seating in our backyard for a long long time now, unless you count the uber wonderful camping chairs lol.
If I payed more attention to the cuts and mathematically figured out the best way to cut them for the least use of wood, I bet I could have gotten them done for about $25.

I kid you not when I say this, I have yet to see the bottom of my closet for at least 3 years now because of all the clothes. The only thing about these plans that takes some time is all the cuts for the slats in the middle of the bench.

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