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NOTE: This planter is made out of scrap wood that we had left over from a previous project. I also decided to add wheels (purchased at Home Depot) to the base to make the planter movable. Our covered porch makeover consisted of our DIY curtain rod tutorial and our large DIY planter on wheels. What you see in these are pictures are two 10″ pots that fit right in and the outside of the plastic planter(the lip) fits right on the wooden part of the wooden planter. In this video, I give some simple instructions to help non-woodworkers accomplish a simple cedar box. This is an amateur demonstration of an easy way to make cedar planter boxes from 1X6 fence boards.

Next we made side cleats (legs) in order to have something to nail the sides of the planter to. He thought we were finished but I wanted to trim out the top and sides to give the planter a more finished look. The lip of the plastic part of the planter is resting on the edge of the wooden planter we made You could also fill with soil but the plastic planters fit right in there.
Made in the USA, this cedar garden planter features a bottom shelf for storage, and a heavy duty plastic mesh liner with cloth cover to let water drain properly while keeping soil in.
If you are making a planter for indoors, you can use pine or any other type of wood that is suitable for indoor use.
I am happy to say the planter looks just like yours (except all white) and my husband completed it in one afternoon with no problem.

We are multigenerational family ranging in ages from 5 to 85 living, dreaming and DIY "ing" together. Do not use pressure treated wood in direct contact with any planter soil, especially if you plan to grow herbs or vegetables for human consumption. I’ve seen people build a deep planter like that but put like a shelf to hold a liner so they can interchange plants according to season without actually taking them out of the pots that the plants come in, they just sit them down in the flowerbox liner. I did have to put a concrete block under the planter to raise it to be the same height as the lip of the planter.

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