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Here’s a post that will help you literally save thousands of dollars if you are in need of new furniture. I just love a good DIY project – specifically projects that can spruce up an existing piece of furniture and completely change the look of a room!
We just moved across the country and decided to sell everything so we have a whole house that needs furniture. If you like basic, stripped-down furniture, without pomp or circumstance, then take a look at these five project ideas. Moving to a new home can be a stressful ordeal, and buying new furniture to fit your abode can be expensive, which is why these DIY furniture projects showcases how you can create simple pieces of decor with little to no cost. Not only do couches and tables serve to bring a room together visually, but they also provide practical ways for home owners to relax, and these DIY activities will give some great tips on how to decorate your home with crafty and recyclable methods.

If you're handy with a tool set and want to save a buck or two when it comes to your furniture, then these DIY projects will definitely point you in the right direction. Do not spend a truckload of cash on buying new furniture when you can actually make some on your own. From stools that humorously resemble building block toys to sofas that are creatively made from old suitcases, these DIY furniture projects allow individuals to make use of materials they most likely already have. Also, when you make your own furniture, it could turn out better than bought furniture because it has your stamp of approval on it. Check out the images and ideas below, then tell us what you think at the end of the post!DIY Projects for Doors, Ceilings and WallsLet’s start with those projects that help set the stage for style in your home. In this first project from Emily Henderson, we see how contact paper, gaffers tape and washi tape in shades such as gold, mint and pink can transform a toe kick into a clever, colorful statement… [photo by Zeke Ruelas]Toe kick DIY projectIn fact, the project above helped embellish the studio of blogger Joy (of Oh Joy!).

She used it to create an eye-catching entrance via the Metallic Stripe Door DIY showcased in the next image.
Check out the full tutorial at Oh Joy!Striped door DIY projectThis next project hangs from the ceiling.
Making use of materials such as poplar wood, this helpful DIY tutorial can be found at A Beautiful Mess. Once again we admire the DIY genius of Claire Zinnecker, who has created this Gilded-Edge Desk DIY.

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