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They were so excited as things progressed that they asked about a pergola with a swing so they would have a nice place to sit outside and read or relax.
The many types of pergolas and gazebos available means that you’ll find something perfect for your outdoor space, no matter where you live!
If you have an existing concrete patio – then by all means securing your posts with a bracket is the way to go.
When it comes time to build your own pergola, make sure you have the tools available that are recommended in your building kit.
I would really like to try the cover crop idea this year but would like your opinion as to whether you think it would work well in grow boxes.
Luckily, a pergola is something which can be easily built by hand, and makes a great summer project!
The example design is just that, an example, with easy to change elements to suit your own unique style preferences and situation.
The video comes with free supplementary notes showing how to calculate quantities, and other useful hints and tips to make sure your patio lasts for many years. If you feel that you would like all the cutting and measuring done for you, take a look at some of the wonderful pergola kits available in wood, metal and vinyl.
To give your feature a truly unique feel, choose interesting garden furniture and accessories to make your seating area a really special place to relax and entertain, maybe including a hanging chair, outdoor bean bag, furniture sets, loungers, lights, patio heaters - or even a hot tub!
Growing climbing plants is so satisfying, and makes all the difference to your newly built structure - their beauty, fragrance and height will add an extra dimension to the garden - and fill your senses!Find lots of ideas on which type of plants to grow, with advice on planting, care and pruning. See the 'Fantastic Offers' page for more bargains on pergola kits, tools and all things gardening! Gives information on landscaping projects that I have done for clients, which will give you an insight into pergola designs and ideas, or garden landscaping in general.

Lets you know when my 'Love Gardening' Ezine articles are sent out (in case you don't like to give your e-mail address, or through over-filtering, causing you to miss an issue)! RIGHT-click on the orange RSS button (found at the bottom of the navigation bar) and then copy-and-paste the URL of this site's RSS feed into your RSS reader. The first step in building your own custom pergola is deciding the type of pergola that you want to build.
So for those that are considering building one of their own – we thought we would share some of our tips and hints that we have learned when it comes to building a beautiful and durable outdoor garden pergola. If you choose to bury your posts – make sure to dig down deep enough to get below the frost line and prevent it from heaving out of the soil. But going through the process of building your own will make this space memorable for you, and from here you can take on even more outdoor projects like timber decking or building your own patio. We are impressed at your magnanimity in making such accurate plans freely available for everyone. Simple or elaborate, large or small, build it as you wish!The plans will still work for any shape or size, even if the look is significantly different - using thicker wood, making rafter tails longer, changing the shape of the structure and the decorative rafter tail ends, having rafters running in only one direction and closer together, using a raised rafter style, or having rafters sitting fully on top of the supports. There are so many to choose from that you are sure to find one that is perfect for your garden. Get hints and tips, offers and advice on all things gardening with the 'Love Gardening' Ezine.Just fill in your details and away you go!
Pergolas are an ideal space for enjoying some shade during the summer, entertaining friends and family, and just enjoying a beautiful outdoor space in style. Enter your email in the box below and receive emails of our recipes, gardening tips and stories from the farm.
Buying a pergola kit will ensure that the design work has been done for you, that the pergola will be stable and well-designed, and will last for years.

We like the idea of the corner design which would really suit our garden needs and were wondering when plans for this might be available for sale. You might have your lawn mowed and trimmed, your flowerbeds laid and your patio furniture all set up, but it’s those finishing touches that can really bring an outdoor space together. You’ll have your choice of different colors, shapes, sizes, styles… all depending on the location you want to build it, the design of your home and the space you have available.
Once you know which size bolts to use and the length of wood you'll need - or where to find the pergola kit you're dreaming of - it's fairly plain sailing.
And if you’re really looking to just get your pergola built, you can always just call the pros to come in and build it for you. We are eventually building a pergola, and it’s nice to get advice from those that have already done it.
If you need something to support your grapevine, discover how to build your own pergola from the free plans, or source an easy to build manufactured pergola kit.
Early spring is the ideal time to plant these fabulous climbing plants, and, finally, spring has sprung! Here's to creating our own little piece of heaven!Continue reading "25 Best Garden Plants to Grow"New!
Hexagonal Pergola PlansFor a slightly more unusual pergola design, why not try these step-by-step hexagonal pergola plans for beginners.These plans were created for Frank, who wanted a hexagonal pergola in his garden. It's the end of the season and it's a good time to prepare for next spring with highly discounted pergolas, arches, garden furniture, tools, sheds, etc.

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