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Incorporating contrasting woods in a custom wood box adds a 3 dimensional look and feel as well as adding a decorative touch to an otherwise ordinary box. With the present day machines it is possible to make these joints faster and more accurate. Spline joints are not only attractive but they feature extra gluing surfaces when compared to a plain joint, making them one of the strongest joints you can make.
We get so used to seeing the same patterns over and over again, it becomes easy to forget how flexible the idea of a joint really is – particularly with new computer-driven cutting technologies.
It is considered a rather weak joint, however, they can be strengthen using TiteBond® II Glue and perhaps brads.

More from Ontwerpduo: Nathan Wierink exhibited a table with decorative joints at the Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show as part of Dutch Design Week, which ended yesterday. The mahogany table is manufactured using a CNC router, which allows more complex joints to be made than are possible with traditional hand tools.
Those joints might look a little funny when the wood starts to move during weather changes. The idea lends itself for different options such as child furniture with the joinery being a story, a more technical approach where the joint itself is the instruction manual. Don't Miss Our Spline Jig-Thin Rip Jig Combo Package for Added Savings!Our Spline Jig was designed for your table saw to save you time and help you safely create strong, decorative joints.

The desk is designed to show the joinery and give it prominent place, it is an example of how this idea of joinery can be implemented in many different ways.
Used when making fine furniture, picture frames and boxes, spline joints are one of the most beautiful methods of joinery used in woodworking.You can use contrasting wood tones or various spline thicknesses to create decorative accents.

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