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For the woodworker building furniture and cabinets, the sliding dovetail is a joint well worth mastering. Strong and versatile, the sliding dovetail joint has many applications, from case construction to leg-and-rail joinery. The inward-slanting walls of the dovetail groove prevent the tail from pulling straight out. Those canted walls give the sliding dovetail joint a decided strength advantage over a dado.
The mechanical lock of the sliding dovetail joint makes it easy to assemble, because the parts won’t fall apart while you look for clamps. The sliding dovetail joint has another singular advantage: If left unglued, it will allow the parts to move without coming apart.

Joined to the underside of a tabletop with an unglued sliding dovetail, a batten keeps the top flat while allowing it to expand and contract seasonally. Even without a back, bookshelves constructed with tight sliding dovetails are free of wobbling or leaning out of square.
I cleaned out the bottom of the inside dovetail joint with a chisel to make it reasonably smooth.
Nibble at RTS five hundred Cutter arranger for Festool DF700 use this Makita option, if you. The joint mechanically resists tension, meaning that the tailboard can’t pull away from the grooved board. It’s a hybrid of the dado and the dovetail, with a groove in one part, a tongue on the other.

Because both the groove walls and the tongue sides are angled like a dovetail, the joint has to be assembled by sliding the tongue into the groove from one end.
The joint — unglued — allows the tabletop to expand and shrink across its width, even though the end strip isn’t elongating and shrinking.

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