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Quite similar to completely refinishing any hardwood floor, the procedure calls for removal of existing finish and the color that has penetrated into the surface of the wood itself. Most seasoned professionals will want you to sign off on the stain color when the job is starting. For years both floor professionals and furniture manufactures have relied on a process called water popping.
Depending on the actual veneer or wear layer of an engineered floor, color changes may not be possible with traditional methods because there isn't enough actual hardwood that can be sanded to bare wood. Question: A flooring contractor that came highly recommended in the Chicago area used a custom pigment stain on our new white oak floor and it looks horrible. Question: We had a red oak floor professionally finished here in the Atlanta area last week while we were gone. The amount of removal will be dependant on how deep the stain has penetrated or what the original color was. Shown is an example of the process which involves using all the same sanding sequences when preparing for the actual stain sample application.

The process opens up the pores or grain of the hardwood allowing for a deeper penetration of stain. Radiators emit heat and could be sucking moisture from the wood floor in that small area making it rough. Some experts swear by the orange or purple 3M tape because it will not pull the finish from the floor. In essence what happens is you may have lap marks across the floor where different applications have dried at different periods. The floor guys haven't been back because they suggested letting the stain take, or whatever that means.
Our specially trained craftsmen can skillfully install an addition to your existing wood floor.
Rick our skilled craftsman has years of experience seamlessly repairing all types of wood floor damage. Other more uncommon applications can take longer as will inclement weather conditions that can affect drying times of stains and finishes.

Well known in Canada, their distribution in the USA is scattered here and there with the most number of dealers offering the product in Florida, California, Virginia and New York.
On the flip side, a change from very dark to very light color will entail more sanding of bare wood.
Apply finish sparingly at the same time using the same applicator as you did the rest of the floor. What happens is the 80 grit doesn't smooth the effects the 36 caused, allowing the new color to go deeper in the floor in those areas.
For beveled type floors hand scraping will be necessary, increasing the time and cost involved.

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