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After spending a decade restoring a 1908 house, this couple was pleasantly surprised to find they’d fallen for a newer Craftsman—one built in 2008! Craftsmanship and intimate spaces define a new house that’s part modern, part rustic, and part North Carolina vernacular. An unusually handsome model with English pedigree, “The Rossley” pre-cut home by Aladdin has great character. The word “Craftsman” has long been used to mean a style—somewhat synonymous with “American Arts and Crafts.” A more accurate definition, though, is that a Craftsman Home is one built according to plans published by Gustav Stickley.
Craftsman influence is most apparent in the cozy dining room, where Brown introduced silk drapery and a custom table runner. Bungalows and Craftsman-style houses of the first two decades of the 20th century generally had very simple kitchens.

Woodworking details from public rooms were adapted and carried into the kitchens of Greene & Greene-designed homes. Arts & Crafts Revival kitchens combine higher-end materials and furniture-quality period details with modern convenience. A spectacular Revival kitchen by The Kennebec Company features oak cabinets with Craftsman furniture pulls, in context with dining room-quality lighting and finishes. An original Gustav Stickley Morris chair in fumed oak at Craftsman Farms, Stickley’s home in New Jersey. In a 1915 Prairie-influenced Foursquare, the home of an avid collector, antiques include the sideboard, dining table, and chairs, all early pieces by Stickley.
For years, a growing number of artisans and manufacturers has been offering period-inspired furniture, as well as such decorative pieces as pottery and art prints.

We know a revival kitchen when we see one: natural hardwoods with furniture-quality details and artisan-made hardware. Right from the beginning, the house probably mixed Craftsman and Colonial Revival motifs in woodwork, and certainly in the furniture. Many more artisans create interpretive new designs, with allusions to previous Arts & Crafts styles and also such earlier American furniture as that produced by the Shakers.

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