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In the upper left you may search by zipcode to find the nearest antique store in your area, or you may choose to search for antiques online by clicking the categories on the top or left. You will learn basic tin-craft skills and stove construction techniques, including use of a hand break and kick shear, to bend, cut and rivet together a portable stove. Become three times as versatile as before press you can buy craft wood stove an attachment never carried an open-handled backsaw in its.

In this course you'll craft your own time-tested portable trail stove with Don Kevilus, the proprietor and owner of the renowned Four Dog Stove Company. The stove will have a 4" flue opening, reinforced fire box, stove pipe, damper, double stove bottom, removable side shelf, and choice of snow legs or folding legs.
All the new dates are opened for enrollment on the same day and at the same time, so that everyone gets a fair crack at a spot in the courses they're interested in.

Tested in field conditions in the USA and Canada in temperatures to -50 degrees, these stoves are suitable for heating a 10' x 12' wall tent.

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