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Placed around a large circular-shaped window that marvelous bookcase will catch your attention every time your look is pointed towards the surroundings. Designed by Ron Arad, the bookworm is made from plastic which can be shaped into any form desired. I can say that this idea is ideal for small places, because the nook for reading can save the space used by a chair.
Finnaly the price depends on the specific design and the amount of brace cables.Collect this ideaThe Ellipse Bookcase has a really beautiful design, that will definitely enhance the beauty of any room.

Unfortunately if you have a lot of books this bookcase is not for you, this bookcase is for someone who cares more about how things look like, and is not so interested in the books that are on the shelves.Collect this idea Skateboard shelf is a piece of furniture that every skateboard lover would tell your that is awesome. As you can see a place that 99,9% of people don’t use can be used in a very practical way to store your books, and save a lot of space in any room.
Lovely Rita can live as a single shelf or be repeated endlessly by combining additional units, becoming a bookcase of the desired length. A unison of the past and the present.Collect this ideaLodge is a modular bookcase that obtains a high degree of personalization, since it is formed from blocks of equal height that allow a free composition.

At this modular bookcase it is possible to enlarge the height of the bookcase from new modules as more space is needed for storage.
The Dedalo Bookcase has a modern design and it can be used as a room divider or center against the wall.

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