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Or you can also try the idea in the photo above, the glass is suspended, giving the plants more room to breathe. It might still be really gloomy outside most of the time {sad face} but bringing in live plants makes everything come to life and reminds me that the days are in fact getting longer and the warm sun WILL return! A coffee table gives you a free pass to purchase that mini ceramic elephant you just have to have. Think shiny, oversized coffee table books, a big bowl of seashells, pillar candles in various heights, and a live plant in a swoon-worthy planter.
The coffee table is often a focal point of the family room making it a great place to update seasonally.

Coffee table staging is easy when you use differing heights of your favorite things and bringing spring to your family room is easier still…just add a bouquet of fresh flowers. And since adding plants and natural elements to your decor is a bit of a trend right now, why not bring some of the outside in with tiny plants in groups of threes-Look at those beautiful wood-slice trays! If you have little ones who use your coffee table for play, having a tray with pretty seasonal items can be a perfect idea because you can easily move the tray for play time and move it back to look pretty for 5 minutes a day when your babies are playing elsewhere! I love the tray full of green plants, the height of the flower and really you can never go wrong when you add books to your decor. I like to mix things up around the house, rearranging the accessories, pairing old and new and texture and gloss for a tablescape.

I got a new coffee table a few weeks ago (from World Market) and I love the rustic touch it brings to my family room.
My living room coffee table has a basket of faux flowers on it and my family room table contains a wooden game chest that contains vintage games. I did just buy two brand new pottery barn weathered pine children’s chairs that work perfectly with the table.

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