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Nativity Scenes, Santa Claus, Reindeers, Snowmen, and more… for your yard at this festive season. NATC3C - Complete Life-size Nativity Pattern SetAn exclusive set of patterns to make by far the most realistic, life-size Nativity scene available anywhere! Make him to display on your yard this Christmas using this full-size pattern , transfer paper, plywood and paint. Claus actually kissing on your front lawn is sure to be a big hit for the Christmas holiday.

After you have gathered your supplies, you need to print out the pattern for the nativity {found below} onto transparencies and use an old school overhead projector to trace the bad boys onto the wood.
Nice idea, I like it but In this Christmas you can also decor your Christmas tree with beer bottles which is very unique, you can also used pine cone for decor your Christmas tree. I stand my yard art up with zip ties and electrical conduit posts (about $2 for ten foot piece). My grandpa made me pieces of a wooden nativity for this year… we were going to stake them into the ground but we can't get our stakes in deep enough!

SO, you may have to play around with the patterns, but they definitely all fit on 2 sheets.
I have to give a huge SHOUT OUT to my friend Judy who has a nativity set like these that caught my eye last year.

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