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I think in town here, they even recently had a tour of homes just for backyard chicken enthusiasts. I found this really great site where everyone shares their chicken coop projects and plans. I do know the coop has to be a certain amount of feet from neighbor’s houses, and that if you have a rooster it has to be even further than just hens.
I could have told the kids a little later that evening the birds would have gone back into the chicken ark naturally to roost. Building an ark from the Catawba ConvertiCoops DIY Chicken Coop Plans addresses two of the three major objections your neighbors will have against chickens. Just be prepared to answer a lot of questions about your chickens and where you got your coop.
But in addition to building these coops, they have sent me feedback on the plans with additions they made, building steps they switched, and overall suggestions to people like yourself on how to make building this DIY chicken coop even easier. Step 4: Relax and enjoy your chickensI decided to take this task on while my husband was underway on his first submarine patrol. The sale of these plans also has allowed me to stay at home and work on my next project called The Grain Mill Cooperative.
I've decided to make my Catawba ConvertiCoop DIY Chicken Coop Plans, 3D Google Sketchup file, and support materials available in a variety of formats for $19.99 (plus shipping if applicable). If you are not satisfied with your plans, let me know and I'll refund your purchase price with no questions asked. In this free Adobe PDF document, I outline the steps that Mitzi and I had to take in order to get everyone to agree that chickens were a cool thing.
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After purchasing a set of Catawba ConvertiCoop DIY Chicken Coop Plans, I'm going to throw in an additional piece of information FREE OF CHARGE. A chicken with red earlobes will produce brown eggs, and a chicken with white earlobes will produce white eggs. If the one pictures is in fact the one for which Glena posted the link, it’s far from free. Learn How to build chicken coops or a hen house with easy DIY chicken coop building plans.Building chicken coops is easy with help. It's all in the booklet for you.My 15 year-old son finished the coop in just a couple days. Because I live in a town with livestock ordinances, I had to find a way to convince my neighbors that chickens weren't such a bad thing. Even more want to know if they can come out with a tape measure and measure my chicken ark so they can build their own. My plans are professionally printed on 50lb white opaque paper with full color covers printed on 10lb glossy cover stock with full bleeds.Technically savvy computer users take note!
In Sketchup, you can review all the steps required to built a coop just by clicking on the tabs at the top of the screen. You can just make changes to my documents as you see fit, print them off, and be well on your way to the fun of having chickens in your own back yard. Over the course of the past two years, people have built these coops and sent me emails like this one: I'm really bummed because I just sold another coop like the type I designed. I set out (with the help of my 70 year old grandmother) on building my first chicken ark, let alone my first big wood project. At the request of several people with computer aided design experience, I am making my proprietary Google Sketchup file singly available for download at half the price of the full coop plans.

And hey, even if you enjoy the booklet and the notoriety that comes from having a beautiful chicken coop, I'd STILL like to hear from you with suggestions. First let me say that I was reluctant to purchase your plans thinking I could figure it out from the numerous pictures and descriptions available on your site. Mothers and children come into our backyard all the time to see the garden, the rabbits, and especially the chickens.
Quail are also easy but smelly so you need to have deep litter and change litter at least fortnightly. However, I decided it would be less complicated to work from plans and let me tell you it was money well spent. Chicken Coop Plans - Shed Plans - How to build a storage shed If you want to know how to build a chicken coop. It's amazing." They're always surprised when I tell them I how easy it was to build it myself using regular tools and dimensional lumber from a home improvement warehouse. These large chicken coop plans are by far the easiest to follow - Get started raising chickens today with the #1 . My fiance was just as excited as I was to be building our own chicken coop and surprised me with an early birthday gift of a sliding compound miter saw. My husband was quite impressed when he got home :) Thank you so much for supplying these plans!!!

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