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As cold sets in, offer your tender plants and early seedlings protection from life-threatening wind, temperatures, frost, and snow with a cold frame designed to be placed directly on the ground or on top of existing garden beds. Above: This Cedar Cold Frame is made of untreated Western Red Cedar, naturally resistant to rot and insects. Above: The Forest Premier Cold Frame features two independently opening lids, each with a large and small timber prop to enable you to vary the level of exposure for the plants inside. Above: Halls Single Poly Cold Frame has a corrosion-resistant, light weight aluminum frame and a plant-friendly polypropylene cover.

Above: The Steel Frame Hotbed Tunnel offers cold weather protection with a steel tubing and UV-stabilized PE foil construction that is stable but very lightweight, offering great mobility.
Above: Made in Austria, the Juwel BioStar 1500 Premium Cold Frame features three roof windows, including one with an automatic opener.
Above: The Juwel BioStar 1500 Cold Frame can be reconfigured, taking off the top windows, to make it usable all year long. Above: Perfect for existing raised garden beds, the large Solexx Deluxe Cold Frame measures 8-by-6 feet.

Above: The simple Advantek Cold Frame is made with weatherproof fir lumber and features a lock-open and close lid.

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