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The Free Catapult Plan - this plan shows the layout and design of the Table Top Troll Catapult. If you came to this webpage directly from a link or a search engine: This Catapult Plan is the plan that accompanies the tutorial on how to make a catapult.
I have also put a larger version of this catapult plan on a clean webpage so you can easily print it out.
The Stopping bar - There is a wooden cross piece on the catapult where the arm hits up against after you release it.
The Art of the Catapult: Build Greek Ballistae, Roman Onagers, English Trebuchets, and More Ancient Artillery - Nice book that shows you how to build ten different catapult projects, moderate wood working and pvc piping kind of stuff.

If you are looking for something easier to make you might want to try my project on making a popsicle stick catapult.
Storm The Castle Catapult Game - Build a Popsicle stick catapult and hurl paper balls at the castle. Of course the easiest way to build a catapult is purchase kits or models that supply all the bits and instructions you need. 4) Now you need to lasso the rubber band around the upper dowel and then lasso around the groove in the upper part of the catapult arm.
It is an easy to make catapult that is powered by rubber bands and has a base that is twelve inches (12") in length.

The tutorial takes you through all the steps, complete with lots of pictures, on how to make the table top troll catapult.
You can also attach a bit of string to the end of the catapult arm and wrap it around the dowel underneath.
With 18 pages of instructions including assembly of every basic configuration, suggested experiments, tuning guidelines, independent and dependent variables to record and measure, data tables, historical information about trebuchets and catapults, and more, it should be easy to get started with this Ultimate Science Project Kit!

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