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Make molds for casting, dies for stamping and embossing, lino cuts for printing, and anything else you can think of. An upgrade from LHR's old Carveright table top carving machines, the Carvetight Spindle system comes new or upgrades old machines for 3D Carving.
Rockler Woodworking introduces a new website and forum for tips and tricks and video content for members of the CNC Shark machine community. As they come down in price CNC routers are starting to make their way into homes, our expert details their possible uses in home workshops.
CarveWright's CNC system might look like a benchtop planer, but it provides plenty of easy pattern routing from your computer out of the box. LHR Technologies CarveWright Woodworking System uses CNC routing system software to make cuts, carvings and joinery with computer precision.

1, Woodworking: Three-dimensional wave plate processing, cupboard doors, wooden doors, wooden doors process, screens, process window processing, video game cabinets and panels, computer table and plate Auxiliary furniture products processing.
MORN can offer various laser machine models, different size, different laser power and different price.
Bits for the palm routers are easy to find too.Unlike the CarveWright, which uses its own proprietary software, the CNC Shark can be used with a range of established CNC programs used in the industry. UPDATE: Rockler is now also offering the enhanced CNC Shark Pro Routing System too, which is definitely worth a look!I posted a while back about the CarveWright automated carving system. Unlike the CarveWright which uses a media card to transfer information from your computer to the Router table, with the CNC Shark, you connect the USB cable from your computer directly to the controller box.Another difference is that the CNC Shark uses a conventional palm router mounted to it to do the cutting.
One thing that I see is that the Carvewright does not limit the length of the piece being carved where as the CNC Shark is limited to the bed size of the table.

Woodworking series is the Super Star in the woodworking industry in the use of the large signs for a major production, the characters a high-speed cutting machines.
The whole machine has robust structure for long working hours and heavy materials, stable performance, powerful spindle motor, precise and efficient control system, coming with professional software.
A new model of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) router has entered the market at a similar price point -- well below more established, larger machines.

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