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An opportunity to design a large "carport pergola" on Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island resulted in this impressive structure.
Solar carports utilize existing parking areas to generate power without sacrificing valuable real estate. By utilizing Parking areas in addition to existing building roofs solar carports can vastly increase the overall energy production of your solar project. Permanent solar trellis and solar carports systems require little to no maintenance and allow easy access to panels for service and repair.

Solar powered carports and trellis structures are custom designed so as to position and align panels for optimization. Carport and overhead aluminum trellis: These elements became the architecture of the entrance garden. We can design a solar carport or solar trellis structure that is specifically configured for solar panel coverage and alignment without sacrificing valuable parking, drive and walkway areas. Consider a Solar Patio Cover or Trellis from Northwest Exteriors - Solar Installation Pros.

The Breadfruit Tree in the top left middle ground was relocated from the area of the new carport.

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