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An opportunity to design a large "carport pergola" on Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island resulted in this impressive structure. Parking our car got a little more scenic this weekend with the completion of our carport pergola. Last week we talked about dressing up our carport with the help of some pergola plans from Workbench Magazine.
Most attached pergolas don’t have the column in the equation (they just attach to the walls beside or above a garage door or a french door), but because our carport only had posts on the left side (see below) our first assignment was to add one on the right to add symmetry and create a place for the pergola to attach.
I attached another metal post base on the ceiling (this time just using heavy-duty screws) so that we could slide a 4 x 4″ post right in there and nail it into place. Hanging them took some finesse too, mostly because one of us had to hold the weight of it while the other checked that it was level and temporarily nailed it into place. Once they were cut, we hoisted them into place and marked the exact spot where they rested on the braces.
While the paint dried I got started on step 4, so it wasn’t until the next morning that we could actually hoist them into place.

This was the point that we both started to get giddy because the pergola was actually starting to look like a pergola. Oh and if you have a carport that already has two columns (or a garage with outside walls to rest the braces on) and you buy the braces instead of building them it would be about 50% easier (and should cut out around 2 days of work). We’ve been talking about building a pergola for our back patio, but we need to get around to redoing the patio first haha. I was reading the other day about planting hops (yep, like the kind in beer!) as a quickly growing, vining plant if ya’ll want coverage fast! The plans took a lot of the guesswork out of it, but there was still plenty of actual work. There’s no way brad nails would support the weight of it over time, but they kept each brace in place long enough for us to drive a lag bolt into the top and bottom of each one, which secured it for the long haul. As for how we screwed them into place, we basically drilled a long pilot hole through the top of each joist and used a long drill bit to screw right through the top of the joist and into the brace’s beam below. And the DIY price can’t be beat – especially when we heard that custom attached pergola kits are being sold for over 2K!

It definitely makes the carport look more like an actual thing and less like an unfinished garage! It definitely adds charm and character, and it makes the carport an even nicer space for those occasional family gatherings or whatnot. Here I am using our nail gun to attach the boards in place and give the column a chunkier look.
I cut some decorative notches on the bottom with my miter saw and then used some hole-boring bits to make a few places on each side to countersink my bolts. Again, my plan took a lot of the mystery out of what to do, but it was still a bit tedious. It has actually turned two anti-carport people (remember we almost didn’t look at this house just because it had one) into carport lovers.

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