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This oil is best used as a regenerative - a cleansing general tonic for the respiratory system, and as a natural expectorant - to help eliminate phlegm from the lungs, improving congestion and chest infections - When used in a diffuser, aromatherapists believe Cedar wood oil opens bronchial passageways to facilitate easier breathing. Cedarwood EO is also a key ingredient in home made pet products to repel ticks and fleas - perfect to add to pet shampoos.
Use in a diffuser or inhaler, as well as in massage oils, facials, shampoos, insect repellent spray. CEDAR OIL WAREHOUSE'S CEDAR REJUVENATION is a 100% natural, pure, undiluted oil that easily and safely restores the natural protective properties and pleasing scent of your cedar furniture, chests, closets, and closet liners.

Cedarwood oil from CEDAR OIL WAREHOUSE is a versatile essential oil with many applications for maintaining your home, maintaining your health and state of mind, and maintaining your pets! It is through inhalation that this oil may have a good effect on asthma as a natural respiratory tonic. CEDAR OIL WAREHOUSE CEDAR AROMA's natural cedar scent has a calming effect, reducing stress and promoting focus in your thoughts and emotions. Cedar Oil Warehouse brings you 100% pure, natural cedarwood oil products for a variety of purposes.

Cedarwood oil is also an excellent ingredient in a massage blend for respiration improvement.  This oil is also noted as helpful in aromatherapy as a cystitis treatment for urinary tract infection and rheumatism as well as for acne and skin and scalp disorders.
Add a few drops to your unscented shampoo or carrier oil to improve scalp condition and dandruff while invigorating the hair follicles to stimulate healthy growth.

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