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Includes all the areas covered in level 1 and level 2 inspections but also includes inspection of buildings and foundations that may require destructive action to the property, county inspectors and contractor services to replace the pieces removed for this type of inspection.
Pellet stoves and inserts from Regency are an environmentally friendly way to heat your home and save money.
Chimney sweeping is the sweeping process of removing soot and creosote that builds up in your flue exposing you to a possible chimney fire. Regency inserts and woodstoves come in different sizes producing from 55,000 to 80,000 BTUs of toasty warmth for a single area up to an entire home.
Today its know how extends to sectors as different as: wood heating, barbecue, culinary products, furniture and decoration.

Sweep-a-Chim does more than just chimney cleaning.We offer a variety of services from the sale of your stove, fireplace, or insert through the installation, to the complete maintenance of the product you choose to heat your home.
Not only are these inserts easy to operate and built to last like the wood stoves, they are cost effective heaters with a variety of styles that fit your lifestyle. Wind, rain, and snow will cause mortar caps to crack, bricks and stone to come apart, and mortar joints to deteriorate.
We use atmospheric vacuums equipped with hepa filters to contain all the dust, stopping it from coming into your home. Invicta creates and manufactures a large range of inset, cassette and built-in wood fired stoves to fulfil customers expectations.

The Invicta range was first introduced into the UK market in 2008, these models represent a top quality and beautifully made collection of wood burning appliances featuring traditional and modern styles all with interesting and quirky design features.

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