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First things first: Ken and I started at the drawing board with a billion different design ideas, and after a few hours, we settled on a long bench solution that would run the length of the windows, yet jut out at each corner to provide extra deep seating. Cut the two middle seat panels down to size and route all the front bench panel edges with a router and a rounded bit.
The bench turned out to be awesome, but from your notes it sounds like a very advanced project.
Build a big outdoor storage bench for seat cushions, toys, How to build an outdoor storage bench. Diy corner bench with storage and seating – the home depot, I saw this beautiful patio and bench seating for storage.

We built the bench’s frame out of 2x4s (for our design, we used roughly 14 8-foot pieces). Luckily, we enlisted a very helpful mother-in-law to sew custom cushions for each bench, complete with tedious piping.
We love how the bench feels modern and seamless, but is still entirely functional for both daily use and entertaining. I am wanting a u-shaped banquette style seating in our dining area but have had nothing to follow or teach me. I am planning on building the same thing and am all over the internet combining pieces of tutorials into what I need.

That “second lid” becomes the new seat of the bench, while the former lid becomes the back! So many window seats are too high in comparison to the height of the table, unless you are seating small children there.

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