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In this post, experienced wood firing potter John Thies tells us about an instructional wood kiln he designed and shares his kiln plans. Wood Kiln Firing Techniques and Tips: Inspiration and Information for Making a Wood-Fired Kiln and Firing with Wood Available for Download! Today’s post is an excerpt from our new free download, Wood Kiln Firing Techniques and Tips, in which Nesrin During shows us how to combine wood firing and raku firing.
Electric Kiln Firing Techniques and Tips: Inspiration, Instruction and Glaze Recipes for Electric Ceramic Kilns Available for Download! John Thies has been building, firing and maintaining large wood kilns for more than thirty years.
I set out to build a very versatile and efficient wood-firing kiln that could be used by students who had interest in a complete hands-on experience, from the preparation, loading, firing and unloading to the final clean-up phase. There is approximately 24 cubic feet of ware space, more than enough for teaching purposes. The Manabigama kiln was constructed with one layer of firebrick, a 2-inch coating of mud and straw, and steel buttressing, which is an optional feature.
I had help and John was always nearby, but for the first time I was able to manage the entire process, which was my goal for this firing.
This post is an excerpt from Wood Kiln Firing Techniques and Tips: Inspiration and Information for Making a Wood-Fired Kiln and Firing with Wood, which is free to Ceramic Arts Daily subscribers! What takes a little more expertise is firing a kiln with efficiency, regardless of what type of firing is being done.

For more than ten years he has been teaching group workshops with his 300-cubic-foot crossdraft noborigama-style kiln. This sweet little kiln gives students the full wood firing experience, without disrupting John’s regular schedule. I didn’t want to interfere with the successful larger firings, in which students can get a large volume of wood-fired pots without the in-depth hands-on experience. In Japanese, mana means educational or learning, bi means a thing of beauty, and gama means kiln.
Its firebox is in the front, incorporated into the inside with a grate system, and extra air intakes are built into the front and sides. I was looking for a wood kiln that I could try to fire by myself when John called and said, “Come see my new kiln. I plan to gain as much understanding as I can each time I fire it, and enjoy every minute of it.
So, we are compiling kiln plans and diagrams from experienced kiln builders right here in one place.
In today’s excerpt from Gas Kiln Designs and Firing, Hal Frenzel explains how understanding fuel combustion will help you make the most of your gas kiln. But when many of his students asked for additional space in his kiln at other times during the year, which wasn’t possible with his normal production schedule, he began to brainstorm a plan for a small, efficient wood kiln that students could fire on their own.
Today, in an excerpt from our newly revised download, Wood Kiln Firing Techniques & Tips Plans and Instructions for Making a Wood-fired Kiln and Firing with Wood, he tells us about that kiln and shares his kiln plans.

The new kiln would allow me to cut down on the extensive labor, fuel and overhead costs of my larger kiln.
It can be loaded in two to three hours, fires evenly to Cone 10-12 in eight hours tops, or if you choose, you can fire two to three days depending on how much ash buildup you like. And it is a fantastic wood-fired kiln for teaching without the tremendous strain of a large three-chambered kiln. This kiln is going to carry me to a point in the future when I’m ready to build my own. The firebox is plenty adequate being 2 feet wide, 2 feet deep and 30 inches high from the floor to ware level. I love that there is no barrier between the firebox and the pots, so the pots receive as much effect from the fire as possible. But, if you would rather skip the kiln plans and buy a brand new kiln, be sure to download your free copy of the A Guide to Ceramic Kilns: Choosing the Right Kiln Firing Method and Design For Your Art, a directory of kiln manufacturers and ceramics suppliers, plus reference material for the studio artist - professional or amateur, student or teacher. This creates ample headroom for ease of loading, as well as extra height for stacking and tall pieces.

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