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MrYesterday, who is a full-timer living with his family, was looking for something that was sturdy, functional, and prevented injury of his young son. Perhaps the feature he built in that is most notable is the dimensions work in such a way that all the steps break down and fit inside each other to save space.
What we admire most about these portable steps is that it doesn’t require expert carpentry skills to do this. As you can see it is a very interesting design and one that will break down for easy storage inside your RV. He originally built a miniature porch that took up the entire bed of his truck and took 15 minutes to setup and level. They are all held together not by traditional fasteners, but by dropping a bar down through them to connect all the levels of steps.

If you take your time and know how to work a saw and a drill you should be able to create a nice set of collapsible portable steps for any size travel trailer or motorhome.
All you need to do is find a design that requires no screws, glue, or nails in any way and can be built of relatively lightweight materials.
There are other uses that come to mind such as offering a way for pets or children to climb up in the back of SUV’s or trucks.
He says the design calls for the portable stairs to be 32 inches wide and for each step to be 11 inches in depth. After some consideration he decided to build a set of collapsible portable steps that had a deep landing for his son and make them in such as way that he could store them in his RV’s basement.
When he was finished he had something that fit his needs and a set of portable steps that others would be envious of.

The video below shows these portable RV stairs being built by an 84 year old man with nothing more than a few pieces of wood and a rubber mallet.
He came up with an idea for portable steps outside of his 2010 Keystone Montana 3750 FL  fifth wheel travel trailer using traditional lumber you can find at any home improvement store.

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